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There No Such Thing as Virtual Trick or Treating....Is There?

There is!!

And we here at Earp Division Expo are just the ones who are bringing it to life right before your very eyes! "Two exclamation points in two statements? You guys are usually so composed." You might be saying to yourself right now.

And to you, I say, "Yes!" We're very excited over here to be putting this out to you guys. We love nothing more than to put things together that brings Earpers together and this is yet another way that we can do it while we're all still scattered to the four winds. It's been a long, LONG seven months and I know that we've all been longing for human contact and the con experiences and everything that goes along with it because we've been cut off from it for so long. And, I also know that virtual connections aren't quiet it right now, but...think of it this way:

We're still hanging on to one another

We're strengthening existing bonds

We're creating new bonds...forging new friendships...taking new paths...whacking new bushes...overturning new stones.......

I'm getting away from myself here.

Anyway, what I'm saying is: It's not ideal, but it's something. And just the time EDE2021 rolls around in * cringing *8 months....OH! 8 months from when I'm writing this!! Sorry. Anyway, when EDE2021 rolls around in 8 months (from today! Eek!) you'll have some new friends to meet and cling to like a little koala bear.

So, how are we going to do that?

Well, I've created a form for you guys to fill out with your information and we're going to randomly assign new friends to one another. It works kinda like a Sceret Santa (Psst; spoiler alert). Anyway, you'll give us the info and based on your responses, we'll pass along your information to someone who'll take care of your Halloween treats. Easy, right?

Now, we are not going to tell you how to decide what you want to send along. I know that trick or treating usually means, "Gimme all the candy in the world!!" But, it's entirely up to you to decide what you think the words "Halloween Treats" means. If you think it means a bauble or trinket, then by all means...... If you think it means some of the best chocolate you've ever eaten being passed along to be appreciated.....

Whatever "treats" means to you, run with it.

Which brings me to my only directive.

We want to make clear...we're here focusing on the treats, not tricks. So, no springing snakes in peanut cans, no peeled grapes in a bowl, nothing that's going to make anybody else wee themselves a little (or a lot). This is meant to be a fun thing for all of us and some people (read: Me, especially) don't find stuff like that fun. Let's keep it fun and light and silly and all the best parts of what it means to be Earpy. Life's stressful enough, right?

So, that's what I got for you. If you are still interested, please follow the link to toss in your information and we'll start getting people connected with their Secret Their Secret Ghost.

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