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Drummond Doggy Drive!

We are delighted to once again be supporting Kate Drummond and her Drummond Doggy Drive, at Earp Division Expo 2024!

EDE24 - Drummond Doggy Drive.png

Examples of things Kate and the doggies would love to receive:

  • Collars, leashes, and harnesses of all sizes

  • Dog toys (must be designed for dogs)

  • Bowls

  • Puppy pads

Things they can't accept:

  • Liquids - doggy shampoos etc

  • Tennis balls

Thank you so much for considering donating something to the Drummond Doggy Drive. You are under no obligation to support the Drive, but if you choose to, then Kate will ensure that dogs in need will receive your kind donations.

We will be accepting items all weekend by our Registration/Merch desk and Kate will collect them all at the end of EDE24.

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