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                                    Join in for an hour of fun (hopefully we won't have any COVID restrictions this time). 

                                                                             For details please see below.

  • We will be selling 100 tickets in total. The first batch will go on sale November 5th, 2022 and the second batch will go on sale January 14th, 2023

  • The first drink of the night is on us (must be 21+ to receive an adult beverage).  There will be regular drinks there as well i.e. soda, water, juice, etc...

  • There will be snack foods available for those that want them.

  • How many tickets can you purchase at once? 2. If you purchase 2 please email us the name of the other person that will be attending. Names will be placed on a guest list and need to be confirmed before entering.

  • If you purchase a ticket and realize you can't attend at a later date. Please contact us to help you sell your ticket.

  • Who's on the Guest list you ask? That will be released at a later date.

  • There will be two (2) separate events. One will be on Saturday. One will be on Sunday. Both 30 minutes long

  • There will be 20 tickets sold to each event.

  • Coffee will NOT be the only thing there, so if you don't drink coffee that's okay.

  • Please note that no other guests will be in attendance.

  • You can only purchase a ticket to one (1) event. Please do not try for both Saturday and Sunday. We want others to have an opportunity. You will be refunded if you buy both days. If you are purchasing for someone else, PLEASE put their name and email in when filling out the information.

Join us in welcoming Adaline to EDE '23. Adaline will be performing and hosting a concert AND dance party with us. You won't want to miss it!

Meet and Greet ticket $75- You'll get a M&G before the concert with Adaline and entry into the concert and dance party

Concert and Dance party $35- Gains you entrance into the concert followed by the dance party

Tickets will go on sale soon!

EDE23 - Showrunner Lab Website.png

The first time went over like gangbusters so let's take her out for one more spin:



Have you ever wanted to know what a television showrunner does? How she does it? Or more simply: what the heck a showrunner is? This is your chance! Join Andras After Dark™️ as Em takes you through a day-in-the-life of a showrunning Executive Producer. We'll also be screening beloved Wynonna Earp CLIPS, Behind The Scenes BLOOPERS and maybe even some gasp-worthy AUDITIONS while Emily discusses the decisions, secrets, and challenges that went into ushering the series from script to screen.

Everyone welcome! The lab is an inclusive and safe space for all who Earp to hang and learn. Feel free to bring snacks, a beverage, and a sense of humor.

EDE23 - Gnome Painting- Sold Out.png

Oh, Gnome we didn’t! Just when you think we couldn't add another event, we're back at it again. Join in with these 3 lovely people to paint gnomes.

  • You'll get 60 minutes with Kat, Dom & Tim.

  • There will NOT be any alcohol at this event

  • There will be a limited amount of tickets available.

  • Paint and brushes will be provided to you.

  • The gnomes will fit in your suitcase

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