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As you are all more than well aware by now, Covid has returned with a vengeance, so unfortunately, some things have to change.

First, we will now be having plexiglass at the autograph tables, and likely during the photo-ops. At least one guest has requested plexi for their photos, and we are looking to get information on others before we post a list. I know this will make a lot of photo op plannings more difficult, but we want to have all the information in one place so that nothing gets missed.

Second, although we have always required masks, we would like to specify some of the particulars.

Masks MUST be worn in all common areas of the convention. This is a non-negotiable. EDE will be providing one mask to each guest in their totes to help with this. We understand that there will be people eating and drinking, but this is the only exception to our mask requirement. Anybody caught not wearing their mask will be spoken to by a member of security and have their badge marked – likely a hole punch. If they are found to be out of compliance with our mask policy a second time, their badge will be confiscated and they will be asked to leave the convention.

We will be utilizing the area OUTSIDE of the hotel for people to line up for autographs. Yes, it will be warm; yes it will be sunny, but we have been informed by the hotel that the area is shaded, so with a little bit of luck, it won’t be too uncomfortable. Additionally, we will be utilizing a virtual self-check-in waitlist system and calling people to line up by numbered ticket groups so that we can cut down on the length of time that people will be in a large-ish group.

Third, it breaks our hearts, but we are going ahead and canceling Purgatory Pride. While we are still as Proud as can be, to encourage people to mass up in one area AND add alcohol on top of that is just begging for trouble and we want everybody to stay as safe as possible.

Fourth, we are going to ask that you guys test yourselves. We know we can’t force you all to line up before the convention each day to take a supervised test, but we also know that being vaxed doesn’t prevent you from getting or spreading covid…especially if you don’t know you have it.

Every household in America is entitled to 4 free covid tests per month. We are including the link to the information on that at the bottom of this post. There are drugstores within walking distance of the convention and you could go and pick up the tests for free.

Lastly, we are asking that you use hand sanitizer before entering the autos and photo ops areas.

Please…please, please, please if you are feeling sick, do NOT attend the convention. If you find that you are ailing, let somebody know. We will be checking temperatures, so hopefully that will be another way to keep everybody aware and healthy.

Please, let's all con safely. It's the Earpiest thing we can do.

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