The One, the Only, the IMMUTABLE....

That's write (get it?) folks, Emily Andras will be joining us for #EDE2022. What can we say? Not much, I'll tell you what.

We are so, so excited to be having Emily join us, as we just needed all the stars to align properly...and then they did.

So, here's the deets:

In addition to Emily bringing her razor wit and Keep-You-On-Your-Toes personality, she's also bringing knowledge from that big old brain of hers in the form of a writers' workshop and a pile of scripts so you can get your little Earpy hands on a piece of history. And that's on top of her meet and greets, brunch and participation in autos, photos and panels. I mean....c'mon! What more do you need before you decide that you're going to come out and join us in sunny Anaheim, California?

We're gonna give everybody a chance to catch up, so tickets for Emily's special events won't be going on sale until next week - probably toward then end. We do our level best to try to ensure that anybody's got as good a chance as anybody else, so that's why we wait. Don't worry; I'll be tweeting out reminders in the meantime to make sure that everybody knows what's going on.

Until then...feel free to DM us if you have any questions (other than "When are tickets going on sale?", "Have tickets gone on sale yet?" or "How many tickets are going on sale?") and we'll get them answered as quickly as humanly possible.

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