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Questions and Photo Ops

OK…we’ve been getting a lot of questions about Photo Ops and, as of right this minute, there are things in motion, but nothing is yet set in stone. And, honestly, that’s the best we have for you right now.

I do want to address two specific, recurring questions that we’ve gotten, however, before I leave you.

First, is #EDE2021 actually going to happen?

I wish that I (we) could give you a resounding, “Yes, of course!” But I can’t. Absolutely nobody can answer that question with anything that resembles a reliable answer. For those of you who live in the States, you know that everything is all over the place. What’s happening in one state isn’t necessarily happening in another. For those of you who don’t live in the States, everything is all over the place. While we ARE the United States, each individual state governs itself and, as such rules, regulations, laws etc. vary from state to state. What’s fine for one is not fine for another. It makes it difficult to anticipate anything from one minute to the next.

What we CAN say, however is that we are proceeding with business as usual. We fully intend to bring #EDE2021 to life in June and are barreling merrily forward until we hear anything different.

Will masks need to be worn during Photo Ops?

Again, we don’t know. With no federal guidelines in place, again, everything is left up to their individual states. It’s true that, as of right this minute, California is setting up to lock things down again, but it’s only November. June is still 7.5 months away…27 weeks to be exact. We all know how things can change over time. We’re still in a “let’s wait and see” phase. However, if, when Expo time rolls around, if California state mandate says that you will need to wear masks, then we are in no way going to allow that mandate to be disregarded. You will be required to wear masks. Further, we will also be meeting with the representatives for the cast to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the guests. We will, in no way endanger them or make them feel uncomfortable.

Guys, you gotta believe that there is nothing that we’re not telling you. Again, as of right this minute, we are proceeding with all of our plans, all of our events, all of our everything. Right this minute, #EDE2021 is as alive as can be. This has been a long, LONG eight months and we are as desperate to put on #EDE2021 as you all are to attend it. Please be patient as we re-row our ducks and get things reorganized. We promise, as we learn more information, we will be putting it out to you guys. We believe in transparency and along with that, we believe in being as helpful and accommodating as humanly possible.

As always, if you need something from us, send us a DM, we will do our level best to accommodate you any way that we can. Thank you for sticking with us. We promise we’re doing everything we can to make sure that #EDE2021 is worth this agonizing wait.

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