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New Process for Ticket Resales, Swaps and Exchanges,

Hello, Earpers!

As some of you may already know, we’ve been working really hard to ensure that we are doing our best to make life a tiny bit easier for you guys…well, on the #EDE2021 side of things anyway. There really is only so much we can do.

Up to this point, we have been helping to facilitate ticket resales and other changes through our Twitter page, but this isn’t working well enough anymore. With all of the holiday stuff that we’ve been doing and questions that get asked nearly every day, our DMs are getting a little crowded and messy and we’re afraid that someone is going to slip through the cracks.

So, from here on out we have put a new procedure in place:

If you wish to put your tickets up for resale you MUST tell us first and this ill now be done via email. By telling us first, we can check your tickets, get your details prepared and check our waiting list to see if we have buyers lined up.

To put your ticket up for resale you must email us at: and include the following information:

  1. Your name (on the tickets)

  2. Your Twitter handle (if using)

  3. The type of tickets you are selling and the IDs for these tickets

If we have a waiting list: we will reach out to these people and find out if they are still interested in purchasing. If yes, we will put you both in touch via email or Twitter to arrange the sale.

If we do not have a waiting list: you can advertise your own tickets on social media and can tag us in for sharing. We will add your tickets to our regular resale posts on social media.

Once a buyer has been found, the sale must be done privately between the buyer and the seller using a cash transfer app (paypal, venmo etc) we take no liability for this.

Once the payment has been processed, both parties will confirm this with us and we will issue the ticket to the buyer.

We cannot guarantee tickets will be resold but we will endeavor to help you find a buyer

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Sam German
Sam German
20 dic 2020

You should do plexiglass between us and the guests instead of masks in photo ops. The days of us hugging all over them are long over anyway. Yes we would be standing much further apart. Many cons this year did photo ops that way and it looked fine. Far better than a mask. I personally wouldn't buy any photo ops if masks were required in them. I probably wouldn't even come. You should push it back to 2022 if you can't find a way to get around masks. Plexiglass is a far better alternative.

Me gusta
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