You asked...and asked...and asked and now we've answered. We are so thrilled to bring the incredibly talented, wildly funny, chock full of sparkling personality Kat Barrell to Earp Division Expo. Yes folks, she's coming. Sherriff Haught Stuff, Haught Damn, Sherriff Haught Pocket (formerly Deputy Tater Haught, Deputy Haught to Trot, Deputy Naughty Haughty [We can't bring ourselves to refer to her as Deputy Dipshit, as much as we titter behind our hands] ).

Whatever you call her, however you refer to her, she is on her way to EDE 2020 - though we hope not right now because we're not there just yet and she'd probably get bored waiting for us.

At any rate...

Now's the time to get your tickets, folks...we know that some of you were holding off until there was something set in stone, but now there's no better time than the present. That little bit of money you'd set aside for new Docs or Xbox game? Why would you even think of it? There's tickets to be bought! So, whatever you were doing, stop right now and get over to our ticket page and get your tickets before someone else does!

Why are you still reading this? Didn't we tell you that someone else is buying your ticket right this minute? Don't worry, we'll still be here when you get back. Go on now...Git!

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