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Internet Scavenger Hunt!! Instructions and Rules

So, for those of you who don't know, I teach high school English in my real life. A bunch of years ago, I discovered a new way to get kids to learn stuff that they might not otherwise learn. I'd get them traipsing around the internet looking for answers to specific questions. Depending on the group of lovlies I had in any given year, i make it a little more or less complicated.

Seeing as how you guys have been all over the puzzles we've brought you so far, I designed this one to be....a bit of a challenge. And...a bit time consuming.

So, what I present you here is something you're really going to need to print out in order to keep track of everything....

I've written a little story...a traveling adventure. Contained in this little adventure are clues and questions, directions and hints. Now, the questions are pretty much out there, but in order to figure out the answers to them, you have to follow the trail of clues that are written into the story. Some are plays on words, some are directions, some require some trivial knowledge. Not gonna lie; they're all over the place. But....that's what puzzles are all about, right? Driving people insane? Oh. The're not? Right. OK....lemme rephrase.....

That's what puzzles are all about, right? Challenging people?


There are AT LEAST 23 things that need written answers. Some of the questions are out there, some are buried in the text. In addition, there are about a dozen other bit of information that you need to figure out in order to get from one place to the next.

Once you have answered all those questions, get them to us. You can use our volunteer email address. Please make sure your answers are legible! If we can't figure an answer out, we're not going to count it.

You have 48 hours from the release of the hunt to get the answer to us. If there are a bunch of 100% correct answers, then we will choose our winner at random from all the correct submissions. Wed love to make this a timed thing, but with the international time zones, that's just not fair.

One winner will receive a Sherriff's Badge to Earp Division Expo 2020

Good Luck and Happy Hunting. We'll be here waiting for you!

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