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Halloween Spooktacular!

Happy Fall!! I can’t tell you guys how happy I am to finally be able to say that. I know, I know…it’s technically not fall, but since pumpkin spice has come out of its hibernation, fall is definitely in the air. But, make no mistake, I am NOT a pumpkin spice kinda gal.

When one thinks of fall, naturally those thoughts naturally turn to Halloween. And we here at EDE are big fans of all of it…the decorating, the candy, taking the kids trick or treating, scary movies dressing up and, maybe most of all, the pumpkin carving. And, we know we’re not the only ones.

By now, we know that a traditional Halloween may STILLL be off the table this year for some of us, but we’re not letting COVID stop us from getting everything that we can out of these long standing traditions. To that end, we are going to do a few things to see if we can’t make this fun and inclusive and, did we say fun? So, prepare yourselves for our SECOND annual social distancing trick or treating and Wynonna Earp pumpkin carving contest. And I’m here to explain then both to you:

Wynonna Earp Pumpkin Carving Contest:

Our ever diligent artist in residence...well, her residence anyway, @Earp_Peacemaker...has been hunched over her pad sketching away. Again, there'll be three levels you can choose from and we'll see if we can't cook up some prizes for the winners in each category.

If you are somebody that wants to participate in our little activity, all you have to do is drop us an email telling us your name, twitter handle and the level of difficulty you want to try. Beginning on October 1st, we will email you a random image from whichever difficulty level you chose. It's up to you what you want to carve this into (OBVIOUSLY, we'd like to see you use a pumpkin, but if you work in miniature and want to put it on a gourd or something similar, we promise not to get upset).

We will provide you the image of your choosing: Easy, Medium, Hard. You have until Halloween Eve to send us a pic of your final result.

Social Distancing Trick or Treating:

I guess it’s more like a candy swap if you want to get technical. You can fill our the google form to let us know that you want to participate. We’ll start our lists over on this end and start matching people up. We’re gonna do our level best to keep people within the same country to try you guys some money on postage…however, I will admit, Buffalo and Emily do a just-for-fun candy swap every few months and send each other stuff that they couldn’t get in their own country. Postage was ridiculous, but it was a fun little experience.

Anyway, once we‘ve gotten a complete list, we’ll randomly assign people to one another. After that, it’s up to you guys to send along a little care package to your trick or treater.

So, those are our October plans so far. We're mulling over a scary movie watch, but we haven't decided anything just yet.

Drop us a line if you want more info on anything.

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