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Gifts Gratefully Declined

Who doesn't love to get a gift? Almost nobody I know. And who doesn't love giving gifts? Monsters. Monsters don't love giving gifts.

I recently read something interesting about the psychology of gift giving that said that it's this neat little sort of a symbiotic relationship between the gifter and the giftee. It went on to say that, simply, it allows us to connect with people. In giving gifts, we are expressing our emotions and finding a way to tell someone what they mean to us. In accepting a gift, we are saying that we accept that bond and its accompanying joyfulness. Kinda nifty when you think about it.

But...into every life, a little rain must fall. And folks, it truly pains me to have to be the storm cloud in this post.

Gifting presents its own unique set of problems and that's especially true when we're talking about Earp conventions. I was recently made aware that, while the guests truly LOVE the stuff that Earpers bring for them, they can't always get all of it home. Even if each Earper brought one single curio or bauble, tchotchke or trinket, geewgaw or trifle, that's still HUNDREDS of things that have to be brought home. Don't forget, the majority of them are flying internationally and are faced with exorbitant (and infuriating) bag fees as it is and to always bring home everything that they are gifted would require another (sometimes more than just one) whole bag. Let's not even mention the issue of customs.

You know what doesn't require the addition of bags, though? Letters. Handwritten, typed, drawn, scrawled thoughtful letters. And you're in luck! We just got some EDE note sheets and pads printed up for you to use at the convention - unless you have your own ideas - and will have them waiting for you at the registration desk for when inspiration strikes. We’ll also have a box for you to deposit your letter (if you can’t get to the person for whom it’s intended) and we’ll get them to the guests at several times during the day.

So, please, please, please...don't be that, "they won't mind just ONE thing" person. You wouldn't be they only person to have that thought and then, before you know it, we're right back where we started. Write until your heart's content...plenty of room for paper.

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