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At the Earper, Earper Cabaaanaaa...

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

So, our venue’s pretty incredible, is it not?

If you haven’t taken a breeze through the pictures, you’re missing out on some pre-con excitement and if I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion: GO LOOK NOW!

It’s ok, I’ll wait…

Hey! Welcome back!

Glad to have you with us!

So, if you're ready this, you must have seen Aly's video by now...and...I mean....THAT POOL! Lookit that thing! Crystal clear, HEATED water, an outside bar, poolside lounges and three, count 'em, three private cabanas. Now, if memory serves me, when I spoke to the hotel folks - who were so insanely gracious and patient with all my questions and confusion - they informed me that the cabanas can be rented for the day for a cost of, I think $200 for the day. That's sun-up to sundown - 7:00am to 10:00pm. It'll hold 6-8 people at a time and will have a dedicated server who's only purpose in life is to serve you guys drinks.

(OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but their job that day will be to be bringing the cabana'd people their orders)

If you are someone who is a poolside lounger and have a pile of friends who are also poolside loungers, this might be just the thing you're looking for when it comes to spending your down time a little off to the side.

OR, if you are someone who likes to be the queen or king of their own little kingdom, this might be for you, too...myself, I'm more a court jester, but that's just me. While it can't exactly become a full blown bacchanal, it is certainly a pretty cool place to celebrate some Purgatory Pride on Friday night when there isn't any extra event taking up space.


We promise; we're not trying to tell you how to spend your money. It's our job to show you what's out there and let you draw your own conclusions. If I thought, for one second, that I wouldn't be running around like a lunatic all day, you can be sure that in a cabana is EXACTLY where I'd be parking myself during my down times, surrounded by friends, drink in hand.

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