Talent Show & Cosplay

If you sing, dance, act, spin plates or even recite Sophocles like Buffy's Scooby Gang, then why not show off your skills & take part in our #EDE22 Talent Show?!

To enter, please complete the form below. Depending on how many submissions we receive and how much time we can allocate to the activity, we may need to run a waiting list. 

During the Talent Show we will also be showing off the wonderful costumes of our Cosplayers!

Please remember, this is an amateur content and having fun is the most important thing!  We look forward to seeing all the wonderful talents that Earpers have!


*Please fill out the form if you would like to participate

*Please keep performances under 3 minutes

*Please keep performances PG-13 since this is an all ages event, children may be present

*No weapons or open flames to be used