Single Day Passes

Can't make it to all 3 days? No worries! We have single day passes available. These are one day GA tickets. If you have any issues please contact us so we can help.  Day passes are non-refundable. If re-sold please inform us so that we can make note of the necessary adjustments to the tickets. Terms and Conditions apply.

We have paused sales on our website to support Earpers who can no longer attend due to our postponement to 2022. This means entry tickets are currently ONLY available by emailing: 


Only valid on Friday.



Only valid on Saturday

Final Tickets



Only valid on Sunday.


V.I.P. Day Pass

Want the V.I.P. experience for the day? Along with your regular badge, this pass will get you into V.I.P. lines (for autographs and photo-ops) and V.I.P. seating for panels for one day.

There is a limited number of passes available for each day so be sure to get them early

Saturday = Limited