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Xmas Day

Soooooo….Not that you guys would have any way of knowing this, but there’s some folks out there who’ve been referring to me as “Gus”….you all know who you are. I’m not necessarily gonna say that they’re wrong, but they’re not exactly right, either. I do have a tendency to be a bit surly from time to time…a bit more blunt than people can take…kinda no nonsense. But where I begin to diverge is that I’m not necessarily a pessimist…more of a realist (rallying cry of the dying pessimist, I know). I like to look at all angles and then plan for the worst case scenario. I don’t think that’s necessarily pessimistic, but hey. What do I know?

So, what’s all that got to do with the price of oranges? It’s just a commentary on my generic demeanor, I suppose. I don’t mean to be a turd…well…sometimes I do, but I’m a bit on the sensitive side and I just find it’s safer that way. Anyway, I’m pretty bah humbug about Xmas. Not so much that I have to suck the joy out of other’s peoples’ love for the holiday and the season and all that, but enough that I couldn’t really give a crap if it just went away. And also…I hate snow. Don’t get me wrong, I love the image of snow…the quieting blanket on houses with smoke coming from the chimney, the peacefulness of the idyllic winter scene, the images on vintage postcards and holiday greeting cards. But the reality of it – for me – sucks. I hate shoveling it, I hate driving in it, I hate being out in it. I hate being cold, worse, I hate being wet and cold and I don’t do any winter things. I don’t ski, snowboard, sled, ice skate, snowshoe…any of it…and god help you if you put snow down the back of my jacket.

But, I lived a year in California and, for the life of me, I could NOT resign myself to Xmas lights on palm trees. OK, OK…so I’m a bit of an enigma in my thinking. I get it.

For me, the holiday have never really been what anybody’d call idyllic. As this blog is not therapy, the whys and wherefores are immaterial. Suffice to say, again, I couldn’t give a crap if it went away. Which is not to say that I utter that sentiment gleefully….merrily if you will. It does come with a bit of dejection…I would like to find excitement and joy and all that, but…meh.

Anyway, I know that I am not alone in that sentiment. Holidays mean – and represent – different things to different people: good, bad, ambivalent, or indifferent. Some of us spend our time with family, friends, found family, our pets…some of us spend our time alone. For some, that’s cool; for others…not so much.

In honor of the intrinsic holiday pressure that looms overhead, we here at EDE have decided to have a little Twitter Holiday party using the hashtag #earpsmasEDE. While we will not be serving food, we will be serving up some laughs, a few puzzles, a game or two, a little trivia and maybe, just maybe a giveaway or two…nothing too very big, but hey…free is free, right? And more importantly, fun is fun…and that’s what we here at EDE are always trying to bring you…a little something to bring a smile to your face.

We're gonna try to cover all the timezone bases that we can with our three selves, but as there are something like 38 of them, we might not be able to cover a few hours here and there. That being said, our main Twitter aficionado, Emily will be up to bat at 7am GMT (that's 2am for us on the East Coast and 11pm Xmas eve on the West Coast), I'll be hopping on in a few hours later as @Lightwriter144...maybe 11am GMT (6am East Coast and 3am West) and then Shanna will be along a few hours after that as @shannacobb_

So…if you’re feeling alone, if the family is driving you up a wall and you need to step away, if you’re just tired of the same old crap on TV, whatever it is…come hang out with us for a bit. We promise we won’t guilt you into staying, but we’ll be here if you want to.

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