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What in the World is NEarping?

As we all know, nobody on earth is ever just one thing. Sure, we’re teachers, doctors, students, tradespeople, executives. We work in service industries, the arts, in high-rises, at home and on the ground. That’s our public life, the one that everybody gets to see. But, none of us is just any one thing. Set a little further back in our lives, we have and do other things that people may not see. There are those of us who have our hobbies, knitting, photography, wood working, tinkering with various and sundry mechanical things. Things we do for ourselves, but not necessarily things that we take out into the world. Then, there are others of us, who have another skill that we DO take out into the world: personal trainers, piano teachers, contractors and repair people, CPAs and bookkeepers. But, let’s face it; It’s a dog eat dog world out there and sometimes it’s tough to make a full time go of our part time gig. Advertising costs can be a little much, our own insecurities can step on our toes, not knowing the best way to reach people. Whatever the reason, sometimes it can be a little tough to get off the ground.

And, there’s the whole “female thing”. Ok…real talk for a moment:

The majority of this giant Earper family is made up of women and we all know that being a woman in this day and age can be a little tough. Not always, and I’m CERTAINLY not saying that women aren’t as equally skilled as men, but I am saying that sometimes, our sex can make it a little difficult to…be taken seriously….? I dunno…I’m pretty sure you can get what I’m saying. If you can’t, email me at the volunteer email and we can hash it out together.

Anyway, as someone who’s probably also watched one too many episodes of Criminal Minds, I’ve become a little more cautious about who I’m letting into my house when I need work done that I, myself, can’t do. Don’t get me wrong, I can do a lot of stuff on my own, but it’s always nice to have another person around when I’m working with electricity or power tools, or up off the ground in any way. That way, when I blow myself across the room or accidentally lop off a finger or fall, there’s somebody around to call me an ambulance.

And another thing! Shop local, right? Earpers supporting Earpers.

To that end, we here at Earp Divison Expo want to provide a space where Earpers can connect with other Earpers in yet another way. Need piano lessons for your kid (or yourself)? See if there’s another Earper who gives piano lessons. Looking for a personal trainer? Maybe you can find an Earper to help get you in shape. Need someone to paint a wall in your house? Don’t want to risk having a stranger come into your home? Hire an Earper to lend a hand.

On Saturday morning from 8:30 to 10:00, we will be opening up one of our meeting rooms to Earpers who can do stuff and Earpers who need stuff done, so that they can connect with one another.

Earpers who need stuff done…don’t put it off any longer. Find someone who can lend a hand.

Earpers who can do stuff…bring whatever you’d like to bring to help promote yourself…banners, table runners, business cards, flyers, pens, keychains…whatever you’d give away to a prospective client. We can't guarantee that you're going to make connections, but that's why this event is free. We just want you to have an opportunity.

Please note…this is NOT a vendor or merchandise area!! This is only an opportunity to do some networking and self-promotion without having to pay for it, DO NOT bring items to sell.

If you are an Earper who can do stuff and would like to be a part of this networking, drop me an email at for more information or to let me know about you.

Please provide:

Your Name

Your Business Name

Location of Your Business: City/State/Country

Website Address

Graphic (if you have one)

Contact Information (email, phone, whatever)

A Short Blurb about What You Do

As information comes in, we will post it to a separate announcement page on our website for all the world to see.

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