We Listened!

As the new kids on the block, we know that we've got to prove ourselves to you.'s ok; it's completely understandable. You don't know us so we've got to build trust. One of the ways that we're working to do that is to make sure we listen to all of your suggestions and be as responsive as humanly possible.

So, where is this all going, right? Well, this week, we did an "Ask us anything" through both Twitter and Curious Cat, We invited any and all of you guys to truly Ask Us Anything and answered all of the questions - that we could - publicly. But, as you all know, behind the scenes, there are things that are not for public consumption for privacy purposes.

One of the things that we couldn't address on the spot was the possibility of doing another split payment option. But, now that we've done some working through things, we are happy to announce that we heard you and we will, indeed, be running another round of split payments.

We know how tight money can get now that holiday season is rapidly approaching and how that makes it a little bit harder to do something for yourself, so you will now be able to split the purchase of your tickets into two equal payments. The first half payment will come out immediately, the second half will come out on December 1st. There is a $10 fee for doing the split payment.

We've got a really great event planned and we want as many Earpers to attend as humanly possible, so we hope that any of you who are still trying to make this work can take advantage of this.

Buy your tickets via the payment plan now:

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