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A Few Words from Buffalo:

Finding the best place to start is always difficult for me, as there are words constantly flying around my head and it makes it hard to always pick the right ones.

I’d start at the beginning, but…that’s way too far back. May of 2019 to be exact. So let’s fast forward to June of 2022 and go from there.

I KNOW very few Earpers. Only one back home…hi Suzanne! and honestly only a few online. I can’t generally concentrate on anything for the amount of time that it takes to cultivate the connections that it takes to BECOME part of something. And while I’d like to spend the time I have now waxing poetic about #EDE2022 (I’m sure that’ll come next) I have a different purpose in mind.

I didn’t get to see much of the con. I was way too busy being pulled hither and yon and missed, not only the opportunity to meet the cast, but nearly all of the panels, as well. I got to catch about 5 minutes of “The Boys are Back in Town” panel, but that was it. And, as much as that bums me out, I did manage to find some joy this weekend in being with The Team.

I had intended to go straight to my room and collapse in a heap in bed as soon as the day was done, but I’m just now getting up here because I had to squeeze in every last bit of time I could with these people who’d I’d just spent the last four days of my life running past, managing only a few words here and there. There is no way that I can mention them all by name – not only are there too many of the core team, but the “secondary Team” of people who jumped in to lend a hand exceeds my knowledge, I’m sure. But if you’ll permit me a moment of two of sentimentality, I would like to mention a few things about them as a whole.

If anybody thinks, for even the slightest of moments that I don’t recognize how every single one of them made this work, I couldn’t begin to tell them how wrong they are. In my “real life,” I’ve been a high school teacher for almost 25 years now and never have I ever worked with a team like this one. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had some people I’ve thoroughly enjoy working with, people upon whom I could rely and people who’ve made a pretty good team. But this one? This EDE2022 team? They stand head and shoulders above any other group of people I have EVER worked with. And I’m not talking about Shanna and Aly…I mean…they’re alright, I guess. But these volunteers? I am utterly blown away. These folks gave up their time to get pulled in 400 different directions, miss eating meals like civilized human beings – often having to shove whatever food they could find in their faces while on the move, run miles through a hotel (after traveling THOUSANDS of them to be here) and step in and support one another without being asked. I have never been so genuinely moved by a group of people I’ve known for years, much less veritable strangers who I’d never met before Thursday.

There are no words that can possibly be adequate to describe my appreciation of them and the things they gave to this convention. I am truly in awe of what you guys did, who you guys are and what you all gave in order to make EDE2022 what it was. Were it not for each and every one of you, this would have been a disaster and fallen flat on its face. Everything that EDE was, I owe 100% to you; I could not have done it without you.

I guess, in short, I want you all to know that I am deeply grateful to have worked with you and even more so that I got to meet, know and come to love you guys. I will miss you all terribly and look forward to seeing you again.

We is, and forever will be, The Team.

With love and in gratitude,


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