We Have to Think Now, Too??


Home Improvement, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, The WWE, A Christmas Story, Scream and our very own favorite shitshow, Wynonna Earp?

Think about it…We’ll give you some time…………..

Give up?

OK…we’ll then you’ll just have to come back in a couple hours and find out the answer to our little trivia question there.


Yep, it’s true…all of those shows have a character named Randy in them. And, we appreciate every one of those characters…well…maybe not that jerk from Charlie’s Angels, but if there’s anybody out there who doesn’t know Randy – “I can’t put my arms down,” laid there like a slug – Parker, I haven’t met them yet.

There are loads of others, but we aren’t here to talk about them.

We’re here to bring you the announcement of the other half of our dynamic law keeping duo of Purgatory, the surly, but utterly loveable Sherriff Randy Nedley.

That’s right, we’re bringing in the incomparable Greg Lawson to hang out with us for a while. So, we’ve got the law and order coming to Earp Division Expo.

Welcome, Greg…we promise not to put you to work

Congrats to those of you who knew but didn't say anything...sorry to those of you who don't want to have to take a test just to soak up the joy of our Expo.

While we can't promise that there won't be another little clue to solve our upcoming announcements, but we CAN promise that the announcements are coming whether or not the hints and clues come first.

Much more to come....stick around!!


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