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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Hey there, Earpers!

Here at Earp Division Expo, we are 100% committed to making this expo a great experience for everybody involved. One more way that we're trying to do that is to give you an option when it comes to purchasing tickets. We’ve managed to work with the ticketing company to offer a split payment option for purchasing. There will only be a limited supply sold.

If you are interested, you will now be able to split the payment for your badge into two payments. When you select this option, you will pay half of the badge cost and defer the second payment until September 30th, 2019. What will happen then, is that the payment will automatically come out of the account you used to make the first payment, no muss, no fuss.

We know that sometimes life gets in the way of doing everything that we want to do, so we are making this arrangement in the hopes that it can help ease some of the stress of spending money on fun stuff. Please note, this is only for the Creator, Peacemaker, and Angel badges.

Head on over to the 'Badges' page and scroll down until you see 'Split Payment'.

There is a $10 charge if you choose the split payment option


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