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Welcome to our very first Wynonna Earp Themed Internet Scavenger Hunt. Now, this is not to say that there will be more forthcoming, just that we’ve never done it before and we’re leaving the door open to the possibility that we may want to do another.

Here’s how it goes…

We’re going to give you some jobs to do—online, of course. These jobs will consist of visiting websites…some will be specific, others will be open ended, in that you won’t have to go to just one website in order to find what you’re looking for.

Now…while this IS Wynonna Earp themed, that does not mean that every single clue will have something to do with Wynonna Earp – characters or the show. Oh….and no, you won’t be able to just jump to the last questions….that’s cheating. It doesn’t count if you don’t show your work.

SO! Let’s set off, shall we?

Our hunt starts almost 23 years ago. December 1st, 1996 to be precise. We’ll meet you there.

Wait…why are you still here? Get going. We’ll wait.

OK…now that you’re here, if you wouldn’t mind buying us a beer, that’d be mighty good of you. In our rush to get out, we forgot to grab our wallets. We don’t mean to be ungrateful, but we do have a favorite. While we’re drinking them, you should check out their website; they’re involved in some pretty cool stuff that’s helping when it comes to Building America

You know, we really love people with passion. They do some of the coolest things and have such great ideas and we like to support them whenever we find something that really resonates with us. While we’re there, let’s buy some of what the passionate one is selling.

SO: Who is “the passionate one”?

What is the name of their business?

What would 25 pounds of their product cost us?

Now, you should probably take your 25 pounds and head on up to the Clyde Ranch. You might be able to revive one of the trees in their orchard. But, honestly, it’s not gonna help any more than one or two of them. It’s unfortunate, as there’s a number of states for whom this is the official fruit and if the ranch could have just managed to hold on for a bit longer, I’m sure those states would have been happy to take them off their hands.

But, it just wasn’t to be. Unfortunately, a big part of the problem was the deer. The deer just loved to eat these and not even our patriarch could hunt enough of them to head the problem off at the pass (which, as a vegetarian, makes me happy).

NOW: What’s the fruit?

How many states would have bought the fruit?

Who was the hunter?

Here’s the thing. There’s a HUGE connection between the hunter and ONE of those states, BUT…it goes beyond the obvious-as-the-nose-on-your-face one. When you figure out which state it is, you’ll think you have the connection. But what you need to do is go beyond that immediate connection by 24 years and 67 miles to figure out what we’re looking for here. But hey, there’s a consolation…you could knock 10 miles off that distance if you travel just the right way….according to the old expression anyway. Anyway, there’s some work for you to do here. You have to make the connection not through the obvious answer, but through the lesser known one. Once you figure out what that connection is, you’re going to learn some stuff. So, from the stuff that you learned, tell us:

What’s the state?

What nickname was earned by our hunter?

What earned him the nickname?

Oh, and for a bonus, what’s the expression for traveling just the right way to knock miles off your trip?

Another fun fact? There was something about our hunter’s life that would have made it absolutely impossible for our little shitshow to exist.

Just out of curiosity, what is that little fun fact?

Let’s stick with our hunter, the fruit and the states for another minute, shall we?

One of those states to which out hunter has no connection worth speaking of, happens to be one I’m from. But I’m not from the place that’s everyone’s first association with the state. I’m from the other side. While not as familiar, it is pretty nifty here. As a matter of fact, we may (or may not, depending on who you’re talking to) have an actual Natural Wonder of the World. It’s a huge debate. But, we do have two of the five Great ones so close that, if you were here, you could throw a stone into them.

Where am I?

What’s the debate?

Give me the ACRONYM for the Great ones.

That being said, although it’s conveniently close to the border, it’s nowhere near the Canadian Rockies. That’s a horse of a different color. However, there is a connection to the city we were talking about before. Just head to Highway 12 to find the trail. Just a little piece of advice, do it in a vehicle with doors. Although zipping over back roads on the seat of a motorcycle, no matter how effin’ cool, is probably a really bad idea. Even if your nickname is “Stone Cold Charlene” it’d probably be better to avoid it before you’re pronounced “Found On Road Dead”.

Anyway, where were we? Oh right, heading to the Canadian Rockies.

Before we get there, can you connect to the city we mentioned earlier?

Oh, and can you also tell us the EXACT four vehicles we were talking about? That means year, make and model.

Off we go again.

By now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “What the hell?” and you’d be right half right to do it.

According to Catholic lore, hell is the absolutely worst place we could go and you’d really have to be kind of a dick to get yourself a ticket on that train. But, not too very many of us are exactly angelic enough to get a pass to wander on through the gates – pearly or otherwise. We’re all just a bit good and a bit bad and hopefully the good bit outweighs the bad bit. And if that’s the case, then we can hang around the waiting room until they’ll take us in. There’s only one problem, nobody seems to know exactly where that is. Good news is, however that we’ve narrowed it down to a mere 6,508,489 acres in 10,169.5 square miles (or, probably more accurately, 26, 339 square kilometers), spanning two different countries in which you can look.

First give us the name of the waiting room.

Second, give us the name of those 6,508,489 acres

Then – and this is the hard part – give us the approximate points of the vertices.

We’ll ask for more after you catch up……………


So, there’s a lot of debate where exactly this “waiting room” is. It’s kind of like the town of Springfield in The Simpsons. People have scrutinized every word of the show, every background image, every everything in order to try to figure out the “real” location of Springfield is. To the best of your ability, we really need you to give us an idea of where this waiting room is. You can do it by its relation to a landmark, its distance from a Big City or any other way you can make us see where you’re pointing. Once you figure it out, we’ll race you to get there. Loser buys the first round if we can find a place to get a drink.

Guess what I found out. You can get a drink of the adult variety in the waiting room town. There’s a little hole in the wall bar that looks perfect for stopping into. So where are you meeting us to get that drink?

For a bar, this place sure doesn’t have much neon. In a place this dark, it couldn’t hurt. Tell me? What neon DO they have in there? Yes, I want you to name them

And, if you’re like us, you hate all those coins jingling around in your pockets. I toss most them into vintage jars on my dresser; some of them I save for exact change when I’m buying my pre-work coffee in the morning. In taking a look around this bar, how many places can find us to you drop a quarter? What are they? (NAME THEM)

And, with that, let’s crack a bottle and call it a day. It’s been quite full of adventure………………..

Until next time, friends……

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