The Curse of Buckout Road Terror Party

Well kids, we've got it sorted through in our heads so now we're sharing it with you.  

On Friday, October 23rd at....I'm-Not-Sure-Oops o'clock in the pee em, we will be watching and doing a live tweeting of the will-be-someday classic The Curse of Buckout Road starring Earpdom's own Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Cleo Harris and *peers at notes* DANNY GLOVER AS DR. POWELL?!  Danny Glover?  Det. Roger Murtaugh, Danny Glover?  The Color Purple's Mister, Danny Glover?  Civil rights activist, Danny Glover?  Why didn't I know this??


I swear, the things that I don't know could fill every ocean of the earth.  

Anyway, even if you're not a big fan of the horror genre - this includes me, as I am just not fond of being startled, nor am I a lover of gore - I have been assured that this movie is "not that bad at all" by more than just one source.  I am going to trust those words because i have not been informed otherwise, I do live alone (the dog provides little to no reassurance that I'd survive a cabin in the woods scenario) and I've I'm asking you guys to watch it, I'm gonna be right there with you.  

So, make sure you join us at I'm--Not--Sure o'clock on Friday October 23rd for the live tweeting and the shared terror of The Curse of Buckout Road

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