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Some Stuff I Learned (2 of....)

Brother, what a handful of days I've had!

I inexplicably found myself on California time when I woke up this morning...or rather, couldn't wake up. It was a startling 18 degrees and, yeah, my toes were cold. I ran to go get the Whitemare out of hock, got home, made myself a cup of coffee, and here I am. So....let's get to it...........

The first place I'd stopped was the Anaheim Garden Walk. If you haven't yet seen the tweet, I made a couple of short videos as I walked though and after my first pass through the walk. I then took a couple of quick strolls at different times of the days on a couple different days. I have to say that it wasn’t exactly jam packed with people at any of the times that I walked on through. It may very well have been a work day thing, as it did start getting a little busy as I left there on Sunday late morning.

For those of you who will be looking for things to do off-site, this is the easiest and most convenient place to do it.

Now, this isn't going to be a place that you spend hours just walking...and probably not even if you browsed every shop. But, you can spend a few hours if you are planning on walking around and then stopping for something to eat and drink. There are also a ton of spots within the walk where you can just sit and socialize and enjoy the sunshine.

Their website says that they are open 24 hours, and I suppose if you want to go strolling at 3:00am, you can, but nothing is gonna be open. Some of the shops started rolling up their doors at 9:00, but nothing was really rolling until later morning.

There are a bunch of different places to eat. Keep in mind that I am only mentioning them, NOT endorsing any of them. As of right this very second, there is:

AllMyTea Café –

Bubba Gump Schrip Co –

Casa de Pancho Mexican Grill & Cantina –

FIRE + ICE Interactive Grill & Bar –

Grasslands Brazilian BBQ & Churasco –

House of Blues –

Kip Barry’s Magic Café –

MoMo Tea –

Poke Garden –

I also saw a lot of coming soon signs, but I didn’t exactly know what “Soon” meant. I know when I was a kid and my mother said “soon,” it usually meant right after I’ve asked for the thousandth time and right before I got a spanking and sent to my room. I’m not going to include them in the list just in case something goes sideways.

Insofar as “Stuff to do” goes: AMC Movie theatre – So help me god, if I catch you guys going to see a movie, you’re gonna be in SO much trouble

Billy Beez –

Blush Night Club –

Bowlmor Lanes –

Flightdeck Simulation Center –

Go VR Gaming –

Kip Barry’s Cabaret –

Mission Escape Games –

Rumba Room Live –

Two levels of stuff to do

Make a wish!

The view from the entrance to the walk at 8am. If you look up at the top right...THAT'S OUR HOTEL!

So, that's about that. I'm hesitant to post pictures of storefronts, etc, as I don't want anybody to think I'm endorsing anything, but this is the very least of things of all I'd seen.

The Garden Walk has their own website:

If you need any more information, check it out. And if you haven't already, go catch up on my reporting (not any longer) live from the Garden Walk on our Twitter page @EarpDivisionXpo

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The "Things I learned..." articles have been awesome!!

Thank you!

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