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Some Stuff I Learned (2 of....)

Brother, what a handful of days I've had!

I inexplicably found myself on California time when I woke up this morning...or rather, couldn't wake up. It was a startling 18 degrees and, yeah, my toes were cold. I ran to go get the Whitemare out of hock, got home, made myself a cup of coffee, and here I am. So....let's get to it...........

The first place I'd stopped was the Anaheim Garden Walk. If you haven't yet seen the tweet, I made a couple of short videos as I walked though and after my first pass through the walk. I then took a couple of quick strolls at different times of the days on a couple different days. I have to say that it wasn’t exactly jam packed with people at any of the times that I walked on through. It may very well have been a work day thing, as it did start getting a little busy as I left there on Sunday late morning.

For those of you who will be looking for things to do off-site, this is the easiest and most convenient place to do it.

Now, this isn't going to be a place that you spend hours just walking...and probably not even if you browsed every shop. But, you can spend a few hours if you are planning on walking around and then stopping for something to eat and drink. There are also a ton of spots within the walk where you can just sit and socialize and enjoy the sunshine.

Their website says that they are open 24 hours, and I suppose if you want to go strolling at 3:00am, you can, but nothing is gonna be open. Some of the shops started rolling up their doors at 9:00, but nothing was really rolling until later morning.

There are a bunch of different places to eat. Keep in mind that I am only mentioning them, NOT endorsing any of them. As of right this very second, there is:

AllMyTea Café –

Bubba Gump Schrip Co –

California Pizza Kicthen –

Casa de Pancho Mexican Grill & Cantina –

The Cheesecake Factory –

FIRE + ICE Interactive Grill & Bar –

Grasslands Brazilian BBQ & Churasco –

House of Blues –

Johnny Rockets –

Kip Barry’s Magic Café –

McCormick & Schmick’s Grille –

MoMo Tea –

P.F. Chang’s –

Poke Garden –

Roy’s Restaurant –

I also saw a lot of coming soon signs, but I didn’t exactly know what “Soon” meant. I know when I was a kid and my mother said “soon,” it usually meant right after I’ve asked for the thousandth time and right before I got a spanking and sent to my room. I’m not going to include them in the list just in case something goes sideways.

Insofar as “Stuff to do” goes: AMC Movie theatre – So help me god, if I catch you guys going to see a movie, you’re gonna be in SO much trouble

Billy Beez –

Blush Night Club –

Bowlmor Lanes –

Flightdeck Simulation Center –

Go VR Gaming –

Kip Barry’s Cabaret –

Mission Escape Games –

Rumba Room Live –

Two levels of stuff to do

Make a wish!

The view from the entrance to the walk at 8am. If you look up at the top right...THAT'S OUR HOTEL!