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Paint n Sip +1

We all know Kat's a champ; this is not news to any one of us, but we felt bad and didn't want to leave her adrift in a sea of paint and...uhhh....sips. So, we sent out secret signal and who came swooping in like the super heroine she is, none other than Kate Drummond.

Honestly, as if being an elementary school teacher doesn't make her enough of a rock star, she's willing to throw herself into the Paint - n - Sip with aplomb and for that, we are simply...thrilled.

BUT! Here's the thing. That's not really exciting news since Paint - n - Sip tickets had been sold out for a while and, if it was going to stay that way, then only a handful of people could truly feel as excited as we are.

So what did your friendly neighborhood #EDE2022 team do? Well, we might have been able to squeak a few more seats into the Paint - n - Sip, which - I gotta say - was no small feat and we have a LOT of people to thank for that. But, we'll do that in a little bit. Right now, we're all about bringing you information and dangit, that's what we're going to do.

Now, here's the thing...we know that there are Earpers sprawled across the globe on all seven continents and that always causes ticketing issues. No matter what time we open ticket sales, it's always going to be inconvenient for somebody and there's really no way around that. Ultimately what we end up doing is aiming for the closest to middle that we can.


On Sunday morning/afternoon/evening at:

10:00am - PST

1:00pm EST

6:00pm BST

We will be releasing a few more tickets to the Paint - n - Sip with Kat and Kate. Tickets to this event are $175 and all the details can be found on our special events page

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