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New Dates and We're Figuring it All Out

Sometimes I wish you guys could all be in a room with us and sometimes I’m really glad you guys can’t. All that to say, we finally managed to work out some of our rescheduling “stuff”. We thought we’d come to a decision at one point, then something happened to make it impossible, so we came up with something else, then something more happened, then we circled back to our first decision and back and forth and back and forth…it was mind numbing.

Anyway, our new dates are June 4, 5, 6 of 2021.

I know, I know…it’s FOREVER away, but honestly, we couldn’t see any other dates that really made sense, as too many stars had to align in order to have a date any sooner. The shooting schedule of Season 4 is a mess, there are other fall cons happening, hotel availability, things continuing to be cancelled and there is no way to know just how long social distancing is going to go on. And to that end, who knows just how far “out” of it we’ll be? I know there’s no way that any of us here at EDE would feel comfortable watching folks going in for a hug and having any fear dancing around in the backs of our heads.

We also know that this may be really, really disappointing….and it is, in so many ways, for us, too. For a while, we were kicking around the idea of finishing out the year as the last Earp con of 2020, but we had concerns that, financially, it would only wind up adding more stress to a lot of peoples’ lives and that was something that put 2020 out of the running. Nobody wants to have to weigh holiday shopping against an Earp con and it’s not fair to put people in a position where they might have to choose.

We are so sorry, folks. The rational parts of our brains know that this was completely beyond our control and that we shouldn’t, technically feel as lousy as we do about this, but the emotional parts of our brains are just so, so bummed….for you guys, for the guests, and yeah, for us. We held on and held on and when we couldn’t we really tries to rationalize another 2020 date, but in the end, it just came down to holding EDE2020 in 2020 would be more of an inconvenience than party.

We love you guys for believing in us and supporting us for SO many weeks and months already. We know that, as complete unknowns a year ago, we had to work really hard to build up your trust in us and belief in this Expo. We haven’t taken that for granted and we’re sincerely hoping that you’re willing to extend that faith in us for another bunch of months. We promise that if you stick with us, it will, 100 percent, be worth it.

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