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More Stuff I Learned (Part 4 of ...)

A short walk from the hotel will take you right into the heart of the Packing District of Anaheim. It's 2.2 miles and nearly impossible to get lost. Walk out of the hotel to the corner, take a left onto Katella and then left onto S. Anaheim Blvd (First big intersection). From there, walk two miles and you'll find yourself out in front of the Packing House. Piece of cake.

I took a stroll through the packing house on my second day, however, I took an unusable video and had to go back a second day.

The first day that I went, it was HOPPING. It was packed with people, there was a live band playing and the smell of food was dizzying.

First, let me explain what it was. The Packing House opened on May 31st, 2014 and is located in a renovated 1919 former Sunkist citrus packing house (get it? Packing House, packing house?) It is one of the only remaining packing houses in Orange County, and the only one in Anaheim. If you need more history than that, you can find it at:

Anyway, if you walk in the front door, you walk into a small gift shop before you walk into the main room

I wish that the video from the first day had worked a little better, ya gonna do?

There is just about any kind of food that you might possibly be craving all packed into this building. I was going to make you guys another list, but I think that their own website might me MUCH more appealing, and helpful. And honestly, it's such a bright, cheerful page, you can't help but feel good after looking at it.

if you leave the packing house by the side....? back...? parking lot (!) exit, you'll see a path that will take you to the Anaheim Brewery. I touched on that with a short video in Part 3.

So..that's that. Check it out; you won't be sorry

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