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More Clues? C'mon!

Well, well, well…back again are you? You must think you’re pretty smart to keep coming back, don’t you? I guess we’re gonna have to see about that. But…in all fairness…we were a little rough on you last time, so we’re pulling back…just a little bit. Remember, we do want you to have some fun; we’re really not trying to make anybody cry.

So, rather than bring you something that’s going to make you want to throw things, we’re bringing you something that will maybe just drive you a little crazy.

Your task? Follow directions…it’s that simple. Once you’ve done that…you’ll be left with some clues. You just need to figure out what they mean.

That’s it. That’s all you need to know to figure this next one out.

DON”T FORGET! KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! Just let us know with some sort of exultation of success, but don’t give away the name. Manners, manners, manners.

(UPDATE - Answers in bold)

1. Cross out the letter whose form is thought to have been derived from the pictograph indicating the folding door of a tent D

2. Despite being partially paralysed, Wynonna managed to send the Jack of Knives to hell - but he didn't go silently... K

3. 3,000 years ago, this letter was called “nun” which meant “fish. It’s now the 2nd most commonly used…except here. Dump it. N

4. Poor Mr. Bill. Nothing ever went right for him. Crush the letter that both began and ended his most famous phrase. O

5. The Earp Curse isn't the only thing this family shares. W

6. Did you know Judge Judy wrote a book? I’m sure it’s full of pithy sayings…hell…the title is one of those sayings. That should tell you enough about which letter to get rid of next. P

7. I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you straight out to throw away the letter Q. We don’t need it for this. ....Q

8. Only in Wynonna Earp could somebody die in the first few episodes but continue to play a part in future seasons. The first letter should make their peace. S

9. Cross out the letter that none of the cast has anywhere in their name…however, one cast member’s role has this letter in their name J

10. Don’t ask why, just make it go away. Y

11. In British and Canadian English, this letter gets tossed into words like “Favorite” and “Color” and, if you ask me, it makes no sense. Just like you don’t need it in those, you don’t need it here. Toss it. U

12. This is a very easy one. Just figure out what it is that Dolls and Waverly share. V

13. Cross out the first letter of the word that you’re never supposed to say in polite company…or in front of your mother. F

14. Here’s an easy one for you. It marks the spot. Let it mark somewhere else. We don’t need it. X

15. This letter is the Greek symbol for “Life” or “resurrection”. Unfortunately, it has no life here T

16. Put two of these letters together and you often get a TSA sound….and I’ve only found it when I’m eating two of my favorite foods….one of which I like with pineapple and hot peppers. Hey….we don’t judge here! Geez. Anyway, say goodbye to the letter. Z

So…now you’re left with 10 different letters…14 in total…It’s up to you to figure out what to do with them.

HOWEVER….we here at Earp Division Expo aren’t totally heartless, So we are going to give you a couple of clues.

A: those letters are going to make two words…or names…or places…or something.

B: You’re not going to use any letter more than ONCE in each word…or name…or place.

C: Both of the two words....or names....or places are the same length

D: They’re a clue in themselves.

That is all.

Best of luck, Earpers.

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