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It's a Good News/Bad News Situation

Sooo, as you all know, we really do our level best to try and make sure that we are on top of responses, keeping you guys in the loop and making sure that we are as fair and equitable as humanly possible.

But, as we have had to put things off for a second time, a whole lot of monkey wrenches have been thrown into the works. But…you are not hear to listen to a bunch of woes; you are here – I presume – to understand our decision to do away with the waiting list.

We put together a waiting list of people who were looking for tickets to any of our sold out events because, at the time, there were only a few people waiting for tickets and only a few people who were going through us for resales, so it was easy making the swap: take one out, put one in…that kinda thing and everything was running smoothly

And then along came the second postponement and with it, our second year of ticket sales—it’ll be two years this September! As y’all can imagine, in the two years since we first popped on the scene, our followers have grown, our exposure has grown…everything has grown and now’s there’s a whole huge bunch of new Earpers and new followers and new people who’d had no idea that we’d existed. And, I guess the long and short of it is that having a waiting list is just not fair to them. We have cleared out all of the things that needed reselling and haven’t had anybody come to us in quite some time with anything TO sell, so we feel that it’s a good time to step aside and let Earpers handle things.

So, what does that mean? Well, we’ll promote your resales…boost your signal, retweet, etc., but we are no longer able to hook up two parties.

I know…believe me, I know that there are going to be people who are upset, but the list is very very long and there are no tickets (for the events that they want) in sight. So, at this point, since we’re basically starting all over again, we thing that this truly is the most equitable way for everybody. We are sorry if this upsets people – I suppose there’s no real way around that – but, of course, that’s not at all our intention.

We genuinely hope you understand.

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