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I've Got a Secret!

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

So, here's the thing. This blogging thing is kinda weird. Not having grown up in this new techno-age, I am unaccustomed to people letting the whole world into their thoughts and feelings and giving their two cents on every friggin' thing they see, hear or experience.

But, as the resident English nerd, I've been tasked with keeping up this blog, shedding a little light on announcements, explaining our clues...that kinda stuff.

Here's what I've found out, though. Unless you promote the ever lovin' crap outta something, it pretty much floats around in the internet in total anonymity, undiscovered by prying eyes. Not great when you have something important to say, but really great when you just wanna write something out and feel like it needs to be out of your head and into the world. Kinda like screaming into the void.

So, here's the thing. Once day, you're just traipsing merrily along...

...and the next, you find that a really interesting...maybe even exciting piece of information just falls right into your lap....or down the back of your onesie...

and no matter how much you try to dance around and dislodge it all on your own. Sometimes you just need to tell someone.

Admittedly, I've never been great at keeping secrets; there's just something fun about sharing exciting news with people that appeals to me much more than keeping something inside. So, I have to say, this Earp Division Expo stuff has really been a test of my resolve.

And, even now, I can't say much. BUT, since I haven't promoted the crap outta this and I don't have a huge number (read: any) of regular readers, I will say that right now, right this minute, I have a secret. And, oh boy, it's a good one!

So, while I would love to spill the whole hill of beans, my boss would probably kill me - looking at you, Shanna. But I will say...*looking around* ...we're going to have an announcement for you some time this week....we're thinking right around the middle!

But...shhhh...don't tell anybody...............................

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