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Ho, Ho, H....What'd You Call Me?!

It's that time of year again, my lovelies! Well, no, it's not, but the rest of the world at large doesn't seem to agree with my professional assessment of what time of year it is. I gotta admit; I feel a little bad for Thanksgiving (the US one), as it practically gets tossed over, stepped on, face-mushed in favor of way too early Xmas decorations, way too early Xmas commercials, way too early pressure to buy, buy, buy!!!

Morality of Thanksgiving issue aside, I am just not ready for Xmas music to take over the radio stations or to start seeing over-sized inflatables on peoples' front lawns.

BUT! Having gotten that all out of my system, I am here to announce the 2nd Annual #EDE2022 Merry Earpmas Secret Santa Gift Exchange!! Last year was a HUGE success with over 80 participants on 4 continents, in 14 different countries and from 27 different states. I mean......C'MON!

So, let's see what this year brings. Using the link below, put yourself on the list. Last year we suggested a $20 cap on stuff....some people obviously went over that - you know who you are - but of course we can't control that. But we do want to make it accessible for some people that may not be able to do as much as others. So, yeah...we're capping it at $20 again this year. We are also going to do our level best to keep folks swapping on the same continent, but we know it won't always be possible, so an extra thank you to those Earpers who can ship willy nilly.

I guess that's all you need to know for now....all that's left to do is to

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