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Game Night!

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

So, we're a week away from, what would have been, the start of the first ever Earp Division Expo...EDE2020, if you will. There really are no words that adequately suffice in describing just how bummed we all are. And, as I could probably go on for paragraphs trying to describe it, I'll just leave it at that...we're just...bummed.

To help ease a bit of that, we're going to be doing our first ever EDE Game Night. C'mon, if you've learned nothing about us in all this time, our fondness for games and brain teasers and fooling around should be the most obvious thing about us by now. Ergo, it makes perfect sense that we would host a game night. Since you're probably all aflutter and chomping at the bit for all the details, I'll give most everything you need to know herewith:

Who: Us plus You

What: A Two-Game Game Night

When: Saturday 06 June 2020 at a time yet to be determined. Freakin' time zones!

Where: Where else? Zoom chat, of course

Why: Seriously?

Things You Need to Know:

  1. Trivia:

    1. Four rounds, 5+1 Bonus questions per round. Rounds 1 - 3 are general knowledge, multiple-choice questions. Round 4 is all Wynonna Earp Based questions.

    2. You can be a team of up to 5 people, but you'll have to figure out how you're going to communicate if you're not in the same house

    3. You will need pen and paper to record your answers

    4. You will NOT be allowed to research answers to these questions. That means no internet, no opening a new window on your computer, no Encyclopedia Britannica. If you're caught sneaking answers, we're totally going to put you on blast

    5. We will give you all the details - scoring, recording, etc at a later date.

2. At - Home Scavenger Hunt:

a. Four rounds, 4+1 Bonus object per round. First four objects will be described to you

using five words. The Bonus object will be told to you.

b. You can be a team, but you are not allowed to have people scattered all over the house

c. You will need space. We won't be giving you time between objects to return them to

their spot, so you'll need a place to set things down and out of your way

d. We will give you all the details - scoring, recording, etc at a later date.


3. Movie Trivia Quiz:

a. Four rounds, 5 + 1 Bonus question per round

b. Question 1 - What do They Have in Common, Question 2 - One line Plot Summary,

Question 3 - What Actor?, Question 4 - (Semi) Famous Quotes, Question 5 - Animated

Movie by Actor. Bonus Question will be a screen grab from a movie

c. All the same rules, guidelines, etc as the other two.

Do you hold an Oscar party every year? Do you spend all of your summer days sitting in the air conditioning of your local movie theatre? Then THIS one's especially for you!

Do we have prizes? Oh yeah, we have prizes. Three of our vendors are graciously and generously donating some of their work for the 1st prize winners and we here at EDE will have our trademark, "Son of a Biscuit" T-shirts (both original and red penned) for 2nd and 3rd place winners.

In no particular order:

@kindnessuntamed has donated a deck of her Wynonna Earp tarot cards that were meant to debut at #EDE2020.

@EarpBands will be putting together a little bundle for a addition to running a virtual vendor stall during the Earper con weekends

@BootsnCatz is kicking down a signed copy of "Queerleaders"

I mean....c'mon! Look at all the stuff you'd be, games, camaraderie and prizes! here's what you need to do:

  1. Make sure that you DM us and let us know you'll be attending

  2. Figure out your team or your plan of attack or whatever you need to do

  3. Start brushing up on your "useless knowledge" and memorizing where the objects in your house are kept.

That's it. Piece of cake. We're so ready for this and can't wait for you to play along.

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