EDE 2020 Postponed

Well…here we are.

Since this is going to come as a surprise to absolutely none of you, I’m going to get this out there with none (ok, maybe a little) of my usual elaboration or metaphorical language.

Earp Division Expo is joining the other cons and calling “uncle” on our original dates. We tried to hold on, we really really did, but even if the world was going to be open in the very near future, that “very near future” would have to be…oh, I don’t know…tomorrow in order for this to be possible.

We’ve been fortunate; I think this is the first time that being in different parts of the world/country has worked in our favor. Each of us has had the first person account of what’s going on in our space. We’ve been trying to stay on top of this, as well as take care of our own personal lives and trying to stay safe and healthy.

Every day has brought new news about Covid-19; there’s been a constant barrage of information that kept us off-kilter. One day it’s no big deal, so we think, “Great…we’ll have tons of time before June!” The next day it’s a little more of a big deal, but he…maybe we’re still good to go. And then it’s “don’t do anything!’ and the day after that, “It’ll be over by Easter.” To say that it’s been a rollercoaster would not be inappropriate.

So, we’ve been hanging on and hanging on and hanging on, and looking at it from every angle humanly possible. But we finally came to the conclusion that there’s just no way to make this work two months from now. Too many things are uncertain, not just here, but in, y’know, the rest of the entire world.

Right this second, we don’t have another date for you. We will…soon…but not right this second. We are looking at a couple and contacted the hotel to see what their availability is, but we don’t know anything insofar as they’re concerned.

We wish we had concrete answers for you, we really do, but it’s way more important to us that you guys are being kept in the loop than it is to have answers all at once.

Give us a couple days; we’ll know more then and we’ll be able to answer the questions you will, inevitable and rightfully, have. Again, right this second, without new dates set in stone, we don’t know what the Expo will ultimately look like either, so please…please, please, please be patient with us for a couple more days. We’ll get you all the information the second we get answers to our own questions.

We are genuinely and deeply sorry for this. But we’re doing our absolute best to cause as little disruption to your lives as humanly possible.

We will be back with more information very soon,

Shanna, Buffalo and Emily

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