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Updated: Sep 12

OK, heard the lady. This English teacher thinks it's an amazing idea, so let's do this thing.

We're going to keep this as simple as humanly possible:

We will have a table set up in the registration/information area at EDE. All you need to do is come on over with no more than 5 books that you think are worth passing on to somebody else to read.

Inside each of the books, write your name, any social media handle you have, which con you're dropping the book at and where in the world this book is coming to us from. We'd also appreciate it if you could scribble its genre or a category into which you would think it'd fall so that it makes it a little easier to find Earpers a book they'd be interested in and maybe a favorite line or two that caught your attention.

If there isn't a blank page inside the book, feel free to create a little book plate or note card that can be kept with the book. Or, you can download our book plates which you can print, sign and stick into your donated book (or we can post them to you if it's easier, just send us an e-mail). As the book travels from Con to Con, Expo to Expo, the next person can add their information to the list.

We will leave the books out 'round the clock for any and all Earpers to peruse whenever you have a minute or two to spare.

Start thinking about what you're gonna bring................................


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