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Earp Division Expo 2021 - Postponed

Dear Earpers,

Well…here we are – AGAIN!

Let’s rip the band aid off and straight away announce that we, unfortunately, will be postponing Earp Division Expo until 2022.

This is our second postponement and doing so brings us no joy, but we absolutely must put your safety ahead of everything else. We cannot see the COVID-19 situation in California changing enough in the next 4 months where we can welcome you all to our event and know we can fully keep you safe.

Currently, Orange County, California (where we are hosting EDE) is in the purple tier, which means COVID-19 is widespread and many non-essential businesses are closed. To consider hosting our event in 2021 we would need to see Orange County move at least 3 tiers to yellow and even then, we would have to impose strict social distancing rules.

Moving to later in 2021 was an option, but with Earp cons being held throughout the year those dates are already taken - we truly hope these events can still go ahead and we can all get our Earp On!

We are honored to have attendees – you wonderful Earpers – joining us from across the globe and attempting to host our event in 2021 will also heavily impact those of you with international travel hoops to jump through and we cannot ask you to take those risks.

Also, our beloved cast members are (mostly) based in Canada. To join us in California this year, they would face the same travel difficulties and what is an Earp con without the cast who bring our shitshow to life?

So, where do we go from here?

  • At this moment in time, we are talking to the venue about booking a new date in 2022 and as soon as we have this finalized with the venue, the cast and our suppliers, we will let you know.

  • We do know that like with our previous postponement, our entire event is going to be picked up and moved to our new date. Therefore, ALL Badges, Day Tickets and Event Tickets, will be carried over to our new dates. This includes tickets dated for our attempted 2020 and 2021 events.

  • If you are unable to attend our event in 2022, we will do all we can to help you. We just ask for a little patience while we get all our ducks in a row!

We wish we had concrete answers for you, we really do, but it’s way more important to us that you guys are being kept in the loop than it is to have answers all at once. We know you will have questions. Please, give us a little time to sort a few more outstanding niggles and when we know more, we will be right back in touch!

We are genuinely and deeply sorry for this - AGAIN. But we’re doing our absolute best to cause as little disruption to your lives as humanly possible.

We will be back with more information very soon,

Shanna, Buffalo & Emily

Your Earp Division Expo Team

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