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COVID Update

Guys, the one question that keeps popping up in our email and DMs and FB messenger is “Is this really going to happen?”

I really wish I had an answer for you; I wish anybody did. But the fact of the matter is that we just can’t say with 100% certainty that #EDE2021 is going to happen June 4th – June 6th 2021 at the JW Marriott in Anaheim, California. Believe me, we would LOVE nothing more to say, “Yep. No doubt; be there or be square.” We just can’t.

Oh, wait, there’s another question: “Will we have to wear masks?” and more specifically, “Will we have to wear masks in photos?” Again, those are questions that we just don’t yet have answers for.

We can give you what information we have:

First, here is the link to the JW Marriott protocols:

Second, we will be complying with every California State recommendation and guideline. To that end, we, sadly, have reduced the number of tickets available for sale so that we can make it easier to accommodate social distancing guidelines and to make wait times shorter for things like autographs and photo ops. We gotta say, that one hurts. It has been so SO long since Earpers have been together that it makes us a little queasy to think that we are making it a little harder for that to happen for some folks.

We will also be utilizing as much of the outdoor space as possible (and not just the pool for JAWSon – I still can’t believe you guys and I 100% blame Greg {and 99% the rest of you scoundrels who were involved in that}). It is California in June, after all. Why shouldn’t we soak up some sunshine where we can?

We have been in contact with the Marriott and everybody’s staying on top of the situation as best as they can.

Guys, I promise you, we are fully moving ahead with our plans for this to happen in June. We haven’t backed off; we haven’t forgotten about it, we haven’t pushed it to the side; we haven’t let off the gas. We are working everyday with the intention of having this (really kinda amazing) convention happening. The ONLY way that this is not going to happen is through a governmental regulation.

I’m genuinely sorry that I don’t have something more…well…better for you guys. We’re all living under that cloud of “what the hell…” and as reassuring as we want to be, we can’t. We can only speak for what’s going on with our end and on our end, it’s full steam ahead.

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