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Companion Pass: Tax Day Edition

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

So, I don’t know if you guys know this….well, I know you folks outside of the US have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on with American income taxes, as we ourselves, barely understand it, but you get to share in the promotion just the same.

So, for you American Earpers out there, did you know that according to the Internal Revenue Service, W-2 forms should be mailed out to employees by no later than January 31?

Now, I know that should and must are two really different things, but let’s just say that for the purposes of our post, y’all can start to crunch your numbers and carry all your 1s starting tomorrow.

You know what else happens on January 31st?


Let us help you spend some your tax return…responsibly. This is a deal just like last time. Buy any level badge at full price, get a companion Sherriff’s badge for only $125. That’s a savings of $60, almost 1/3 off. Why, you might be asking, would we do such a thing? Well, it seems that there are still some singles out there in need of Expo-ing partners and what better way to is there to convince someone to go somewhere than to do it cheaply?

OK…for those of you who got in on our holiday companion pass, you can stop reading here, as I’m out of ideas for new information. For those of you who need that information…here we go:

This reduced price Sheriff’s Badge can ONLY be purchased in conjunction with another badge.

You CANNOT buy a single companion pass.

What the reduced price Sheriff’s Badge IS good for:

3-Day admission to the Expo

Access to the vendor are

Access to the panels

What the reduced price Sherriff’s Badge IS NOT good for:

VIP access

Admission to the Special Events

Free photo ops or autographs

So, what’s the point of being a “companion” if you can’t get all the same stuff as the higher level badges?

Well, for some people, it’s not as important to have VIP seating of extras or whatever, as it is just to be part of the whole Earper experience. For those who want to have VIP seating for just one or two, a VIP upgrade pass can still be purchased.

SO! How does it all work?

It’s a piece of cake, actually. What we’ve done is pair up your options for you, so that you can just make one purchase instead of two separate ones or have to worry about a coupon code or anything like that. When you go to make your purchase, you just choose which pair tickets works best for you.

Creator Badge + Reduced Sheriff’s = $1000

Peacemaker + Reduced Sheriff’s = $555

Angel + Reduced Sheriff’s = $425

Sheriff + Reduced Sheriff’s = $310

I don’t know if you guys know this yet, but we really do want y’all to come hang out with us. I mean, there’s so many reasons not to miss this:

11 cast members

The music of Emy Taliana

Trivia night

Paint night


Meet & Greets


And if that’s STILL not enough for you:


Yorba Regional Park

Anaheim Packing Center

Medieval Times

Sky Zone

Anaheim Farmer’s Market

Deep Sea Fishing

Mini Golf

Catalina Island

And on and on and on….

Grab a friend and come out to see us in June!

C’mon folks…Now’s the time: Buy Your Badge and Companion Pass

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