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Back for More, Eh?

So, we here at Earp Division Expo don't much care for repeating ourselves, so this time, we're trying something a little different. You want a puzzle? We're giving you an actual puzzle. The puzzle will lead you in the direction that you need to go.

I've done a simple copy and paste of the puzzle link; when I made the link clickable, the whole damn puzzle embedded itself and I didn't want you guys to have to work on it here. And, may I suggest, if you have easy access to an actual computer, it might be easier to do it there. It's tough doing it on a teeny tiny phone screen. I tried it; I gave up before I was forced to throw my phone out my classroom window. So, copy and paste the link into your browser bar and get crackin'.

Once you've solved the puzzle, you need to figure out what in the hell we're trying to tell you. You can't have just thought that solving it would be the end of things. But, the good news is that you'll only have to make one leap from there...we're not going to make you wander all over the internets. We may or may not have been getting a little flack for the difficulty of some of our puzzles.

OK...for those that were patient enough to stick around this long without jumping at the link and barreling off, we have one more twist for you:

Once you solve the puzzle, you'll get a time and a score. If you cheat it, you'll get a time but no score. When you're finished and you get your time and score, take a screenshot (if you're on a phone), or take a pic of your screen (if you're on a laptop) and post it in a reply to the tweet. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T INCLUDE THE ANSWER TO THE PUZZLE!!!

JUST LIKE THAT. Nothing special or fancy; let's keep this simple.

(edited) You have until 8pm PST (11pm EST)* to get your score posted. The person with the best score and time will win, not only supreme bragging rights (for this puzzle only; let's not get ahead of ourselves), but a limited run EDE Tshirt (Sm, Med or Lg)...maybe we'll toss in a few of our small EDE stickers too.

As you can see from my time (after several rather embarrassing times), there's plenty of time to try and improve your score if you aren't happy with the one you get originally.

Good luck, and as always, have fun!

*Extended submission window to let our West Coast Earpers have a fair shot after work too. Timezones = urgh!

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