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A Week to Go in Round 1 of Application Acceptances

So, we’re almost a week from sending out our responses to your applications and, we have to say that you guys are awesome. We know that some of you are expressing a little bit of stress at never having worked a con before but we want to assure you that that’s not a make it or break it point for us. Sure, having volunteer experience is definitely a plus, but it’s not all we’re looking for.

First and foremost is that you’re enthusiastic and personable. That goes a LONG way with us.

Cons can get hectic; everybody’s excited, everybody wants to be in the thick of it and we need people who are capable of being professional, who can handle stress and who can keep a friendly and helpful demeanor.

Our volunteer coordinator, Andrea, has been going over the applications and making charts and notes and has, quite frankly, driving us crazy with how good she feels about finding places for you guys to fit perfectly. To that end, we want to bring you a little summary of what we’re looking at right now:

1. We want to have people assigned to as few different positions as possible. We want to have you guys do one or two jobs really well rather than a bunch of different jobs that keep you always trying to figure out the best way to do it.

2. Nearly everybody’s that’s applied has chosen “Handler/Escort” as one of their assignments. As much as we’d like to put everybody where they’d most like to be, not everybody will be chosen for this job. We hope you understand

3. One of the things that we will be asking about in the second set of questions will be about your flexibility in jobs and scheduling. We will definitely work within your day and time requests, but we may ask you to do a job that you might not have chosen originally. The most important part of this second set of questions is your absolutely honesty. We don’t want you giving us answers that you think we want to hear, as that ultimately makes nobody happy. These aren’t jobs in the NSA and there’s no real “Gotcha!” type questions or “Make It or Break It” answers.

4. Feel free to reach out and ask us questions. If there’s something you’re unsure about or something you’re concerned about or something that you just need clarified, just ask. There is still information that we CAN’T yet give you, but we are a friendly bunch and will do our absolute best to answer anything that we can.

That’s about all there is for now. As always, check back often and keep those applications coming.

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