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A Partnership??

A Partnership!

Guys, something you might not know about us is that we’ve always wanted this to be more than just a con. Now, that’s not to say that we think we can do better or meant to be disparaging in any way, but we wanted to create a con with an Exposition feel.

As any of you history nerds out there know, an Exposition is meant to show off things, bring new things to the forefront, expose people to things they might not have seen before.

*ahem* 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY, *ahem*

And that’s what we’ve been trying to do since we started this whole thing. From the way that we made our guest announcements to our online games, from our contests to our little online interactions, we’ve tried to bring you guys some fun and camaraderie before the actual event even starts.

But, it’s not just fun and games for us. One of the other things that we want to do is to include you guys in...well…us. OK, enough’s enough, right? What I’m trying to get at is our brand spanking new partnership with Earp Bands.

Earp Bands will be our exclusive provider for your EDE branded lanyards and wristbands that you’ll be wearing when you come join us in June. Not only are they Earper made, the bands are also eco-friendly - made from fully recycled fabric with a wooden sliding adjustable bead!

When we first thought about doing this and kicked the idea around with the significant people in our lives, the first thing that we were met with was, “Wouldn’t it be cheaper if….?”

The simple answer is, “Yeah, it is.” And it is; it’s always cheaper to go digging around the internet for the perfect deal. But each of us here are really big on the idea that we shop small, shop local and that we look out for those around us. So, to us, it only makes sense that we call upon a known and trusted Earper to produce some of our EDE items.

So, we’re absolutely psyched to be partnering up with Earp Bands and give her a big Welcome to the EDE family!

Visit the website:

Twitter: @EarpBands

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