A Cookbook!!

So, lets’ keep this simple, shall we??

We are putting together an Earper Cookbook. In a perfect world, we will have it together, to start, in PDF form, before the holiday season rolls around. In order to do that, we want to set a deadline of September 30, 2020 for the first round of submissions. We'll send out weekly reminders in case you get sidetracked and to let newcomers know what's going on. We'll see where we are then and then re-evaluate if need be.

You may submit UP TO 3 recipes (we may ask for more later if things are looking a little lean). Please, please, please be sure these are original recipes.

If you are interested in contributing to this cookbook here’s what we need from you:

“Genre” of the dish: Starter, Main Course, Soup/Salad, Dessert

Dietary: Omni, Vege, Vegan, GF, etc

What would you consider the difficulty level? Anybody Can Do This, You Gotta Know a Thing or Two, You’re Ambitious Enough to Give It a Try, Not for the Novice or Faint of Heart (AKA: Easy, Medium or Hard)





Special Notes

Picture of what the final product should look like.

If you’d like to include a little blurb, feel free, but this is not intended to be a blog post, so keep it short and sweet. Please make sure you include some kind of identifier. If you don't want your name out and about, then include your Twitter Handle. We want to 100% give credit where credit is due.

This is a work in progress, so we'll adjust as we need to.

If you have any questions or have a recipe ready to submit, you can get a hold of us at:

We can't wait to see where this goes!


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