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Photo Ops

 A professional photography company will be there to take photos of the fans with the Guests at EDE. As we get closer to the convention date, there will be a schedule posted. Timing is always subject to change due to how long lines may be. Photo ops are not meeting greets sessions. The process moves pretty quickly. Try not to converse for too long during this time. You will have many other opportunities to do so.

Tickets for photo ops will be sold online and as well as at the convention. If you plan or purchasing at the convention, please keep in mind that tickets may be limited. Only cash will be the only accepted form payment at the convention.

All ticket sales are final UNLESS the Guest for which you purchased a photo op for can no longer attend the convention. We will refund your you can transfer your photo op over to another guest

Photo size will be 8x10. 

Plan Ahead:

1. Bring CASH!

2. Props. 

Photo ops offered:

  • Single

  • Duo

  • Trio

  • Cast

If you are doing a group shoot, no more than for people can be in it unless you purchase another unless you purchase another photo op


All Guests will have their own table with 8x10 photographs for you to purchase for signing. You may bring something your own for them to sign as well. Each day Guests will spend about 2-4 hrs autographing and taking selfies. A schedule will be posted online prior to attending the convention.

1. BRING CASH! Some guests may take square but for the most part everyone will be accepting cash. It makes it much more easier.

2. Guests generally will sign fan provided items as well.

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