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Purgatory Password

Moderator Jordan Walston

Guests: Savannah Basley, Natalie Krill, Dani Kind, Meghan Heffern and Michael Eklund

Moderator: Sonya

Guests: Beau Smith and Tim Rozon

Our awesome moderator Sonya (X @PurgatoryArcheo) delves into all that is Wynonna Earp graphic novels with comic book creators Beau Smith & Tim Rozon.

Comic Creators

We Are Family

Moderator: Jill Macklem

Guests: Natalie Krill, Melanie Scrofano and Dom P-C

Super moderator Jill (X @NedleysOffice) chats all things Earp sisters with Melanie Scrofano, Dom Provost-Chalkey & Natalie Krill

In this Friday panel our multitalented Moderator (and fan art creator!) Sonya (X @PurgatoryArcheo) chats to super talented Earper fan art creators, Fan Fic author Cindy (X @outsidemynorm15), All things creator Jen (X @ValkyrieProps), Parody writer/singer Peach (X @SarahAnneKane), & Artist Hayley (X @Hb0m8) all things creative, inspirational and Earp!

Fan Art Friday

Moderator: Sonya

Guests: Cindy, Jen, Sarah and Hayley

Behind the Strong Female Characters

Moderator: Jill Macklem

Guests: Beau Smith, Tamara Duarte, Savannah Basley, Dani Kind and Rachael Ancheril

Our amazing moderator Jill (X @NedleysOffice) chats all things strong female characters to Dani Kind, Tamara Duarte, Rachael Ancheril, Savannah Basley and Beau Smith (The man behind the creation of Wynonna Earp herself!)

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