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Joining us at EDE 23..

This goes without saying, but of course we have to have the for sheriff of Purgatory, Randy Nedley. We cannot wait to have Greg join us once again for Earp Division Expo, this time in Niagara Falls, New York!

Information about Greg's extras and photo ops will be available soon. If you haven't yet got your ticket to join us at EDE23, then check out the tickets page. You won't want to miss out!

EDE23 - Guest Announcement - Rachel.png

We are delighted to announce our first Wynonna Earp cast member joining us at EDE23 (her first ever Earp con!) will be Rachel Skarsten, aka Eliza Shapiro!

Rachel appeared on Wynonna Earp in the first episode of season two, as a friend and co-worker of the missing Dolls who joins forces with Wynonna to track down the abducted dragon-man. No doubt EDE23 attendees will also recognise Rachel from Batwoman, and Lost Girl!

We cannot wait to have Rachel join us for Earp Division Expo 2023 in Niagara Falls, New York!

EDE23 - Guest Announcement - Varun.png

We are so excited to announce that joining us at EDE23 will be Varun Saranga, aka Jeremy Chetri!

Varun was such a delight to have at EDE22, it's only fitting to have him join again .

His meet and greet tickets are on sale even as you're reading this, so what are you still doing here?

Of course we could have a convention without her, but why would we want to?  

Joining EDE once again in 2023 the one and only Kat Barrell, aka Sheriff Nicole Haught.  

Start thinking about your photo ops and what you want her to sign for you - no pressure.  

More extras will go on sale soon, so if you haven't yet joined our mailing list....why not?

Welcome back Michael Eklund! What a pleasure it is to have Michael joining us again at EDE23.

There is truly no one else that could play a better Bobo Del Rey.

Extras will go on sale soon.

EDE23 - Guest Announcement - Kate.png

Please help us welcome back the funny, talented and wonderful Kate Drummond! We are PSYCHED to have her joining us again at EDE23.


There is nobody has handled an exploding head quite like she managed to.

Extras will go on sale soon.

EDE23 - Guest Announcement - Writers Room (1).png

Doing their first turn with EDE, the Wynonna writers are some of the best out there.  Where else could you find someone uttering, "Eat shit, shiteaters!"  Nowhere, that's what I say.


For one day only, we've got the lot of them, so if you're hoping to find out how the sausage is made or want to hear a few BTS stores, then you definitely don't want to miss out on their Meet and Greet.


Extras on sale now.

Welcome Dom as they join us for the first time!

EDE couldn't be complete without everyone's favorite angel.

Extras will be on sale soon

Charlotte Sullivan aka the Silk Witch will be joining us at EDE 23! You're not going to want to miss this one

Come hang with us and meet all the wonderful guests we have lined up

Charlotte's extras will be going on sale soon!

EDE23 - Guest Announcement - Noam (1).png

Making his Earp Con debut at #EDE2023, we are so excited to bring in Noam Jenkins the force behind the one-name Amon...a force so great he only needs the one.

Can you still resist the pull of #EDE2023?

Noam's extras will be going on sale soon...

EDE23 - Guest Announcement - Mel.png

Returning once again to the madness that seems to follow Earp Division Expo wherever it goes, everybody's favorite Girl on Top, the glorious human bean that is one Melanie Scrofano 

Is there any good reason left why you shouldn't be joining us for #EDE2023?  I think not. 

Melanie's extras will be going on sale.........

EDE23 - Guest Announcement - Emily.png

A hearty "welcome back!" to our favorite beans spiller, Emily Andras!

Now, you well know that it would be no kind of convention without her around!  So....since we're have some kind of convention....Expo, if you will...then we just had to have her.

We have so many extras with her going on sale oh so soon.....................

EDE23 - Guest Announcement - Adaline.png

We have a brand new face joining us at EDE2023...

Please welcome Adaline to the EDE family.

This unbelievably talented artist will not only be performing some of her own music, but she'll also be DJing our dance party, doing Meet and Greets and a Bad Believer panel.  I mean...are we gonna have her hopping or what?

Tickets to the dance party, the M&G, her concert...all over there on our special events page....don't.  Miss.  Out

After 4 years on Syfy's hit series Wynonna Earp, where Tim played the infamous Doc Holiday, he now stars in Syfy's newest show, "SurrealEstate". If you're having problems selling your house because it's haunted or possessed, you need to look no further than the Roman Agency, where Tim plays the lead real estate agent Luke Roman.

Tim’s first major role was playing heartthrob Tommy Quincy opposite Alexz Johnson and Laura Vandervoort for four seasons on the teen drama series “Instant Star” for TeenNick (USA) and CTV (Canada). He was then cast as the series lead Alex Caine, playing a gang infiltrator, in “Befriend and Betray” for Shaw TV (Canada). Recent series leads include two seasons playing Mutt Schitt on CBC’s runaway comedy “Schitt’s Creek” opposite comedy icons Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Chris Elliott. Tim has done guest starring roles on many of the hit shows made in Canada over the last decade, including “Rookie Blue”, “Flashpoint”, “The Listener”, “Heartland”, “Combat Hospital”, “Lost Girl”, “Being Human”, and “19-2”. Tim won a prestigious Gemini Award for his performance in “Flashpoint” and was nominated for another Gemini for work in “Befriend and Betray”. He is also a voiceover actor, playing a leading role in the animated feature film “The Legend of Sarila”, opposite Christopher Plummer and Genevieve Bujold.

In addition to acting, Tim produced the documentary feature “Shuckers”, about the world of oysters and those who shuck them.
When not acting, Tim plays the role of restaurateur in Montreal at his hit restaurants Garde Manger and Le Bremner opposite star chef Chuck Hughes

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