Wynonna Earp Guests

We are so excited to be joined in Anaheim by members of the Wynonna Earp cast in 2022. 

We will be holding Meet and Greets and Sunday Brunches with all the cast members, a Paint and Sip event with Kat Barrell and a Cocktail Hour with many of our Wynonna Earp guests. Some events are now sold out, with many others selling fast, so click the links to purchase your extras now. You can also purchase your photo ops via Wolf Studio Photography now! 

*As far as we are aware, all previously announced guests will be attending the rescheduled dates. However, we hope to re-confirm their attendance*


Kat Barrell

We are so thrilled to bring the incredibly talented, wildly funny, chock full of sparkling personality Kat Barrell to Earp Division Expo. Yes folks,  Sheriff Haught Stuff, Haught Damn, Sheriff Haught Pocket (formerly Deputy Tater Haught, Deputy Haught to Trot, Deputy Naughty Haughty, is coming to EDE!

See Kat's announcement on Twitter!


Greg Lawson

You shouted "Give us our Nedley!" and we listened!

We are so excited to be joined in California by the other half of our dynamic law-keeping duo of Purgatory, the surly, but loveable Sheriff Randy Nedley, AKA Greg Lawson!

See Greg's announcement on Twitter!


Tickets for Greg's M&G

Tickets for Greg's Sunday Brunch


Varun Saranga

What would the Rock do? What would the Rock do? What would the Rock do?

 That's right, we will be joined in California by the self-proclaimed superbrain and member of the 'Unkillable Gay Squad', Black Badge Division Agent Jeremy Chetri, AKA Varun Saranga!

See Varun's Announcement on Twitter

Tickets for Varun's M&G

Tickets for Varun's Sunday Brunch


Natalie Krill

She was the come-back Earp of Season One, but her very un-Heir-like plans to cross the Ghost River Triangle with Bobo Del Rey were stopped by a bullet from Peacemaker. It can only be the original Earp Heir, Willa Earp AKA Natalie Krill!

See Natalie's Announcement on Twitter!

Tickets for Natalie's M&G

Tickets for Natalie's Sunday Brunch


Dani Kind

She returned to Purgatory after 12 years only to get attacked by 'Krakinos' spiders on her first day back and ultimately, gave new meaning to the term 'fresh-faced', our fifth guest is Mercedes Gardner, AKA Dani Kind!

See Dani's Announcement on Twitter!


Tamara Duarte

We can safely assume that our next guest is the most highly educated Revenant in Purgatory, with two PhDs and an online certification in Astrology to boot! She ran out of Purgatory with a nasty graze from Peacemaker, but Rosita Bustillos, AKA Tamara Duarte, will be joining us in California!

Tickets for Tamara's M&G

Tickets for Tamara's Sunday Brunch


Kate Drummond

She forced our heroes to sign a blood oath, put Waverly in 'Taco's are Tasty' level danger and hunted down Agent Dolls, but it was an encounter with Mictian that made Agent Lucado AKA Kate Drummond, lose her head!

See Kate's Announcement on Twitter!


Tickets for Kate's M&G

Tickets for Kate's Sunday Brunch


Meghan Heffern

As a human, she was fiercely protective of her younger brother, Tucker, but as one-half of the face-stealing Widows, she brought chaos to Purgatory by releasing her husband, the demon Bulshar Clootie. Of course, it's Beth Gardner, AKA Meghan Heffern! 

Tickets for Meghan's M&G

Tickets for Meghan's Sunday Brunch


Michael Eklund

As Robert Svane, he was the mild-mannered friend of Wyatt Earp. But, after finding himself on the fatal end of Peacemaker, he was the revenant behind Ward's death and Willa's kidnapping. Of course, it could only be Waverly's imaginary friend, Bob Del Rey, AKA Michael Eklund!

Tickets for Michael's M&G


Zoie Palmer

You first saw something funny when her physical was a little physical, you were on the edge of your seat for five seasons waiting for her to be THE ONE. when she was, your heart leapt. And then, as Jolene, she ripped it right back out of your chest to bake in one of her cupcakes. From Dr Lewis, life saver, to Dr Jekyll, life wrecker, it's Zoie Palmer!

See Zoie's (and her cat's!) announcement on Twitter!


Emily Andras

What could we possibly say about our fearless showrunner that hasn't already been said?  Probably nothing.

Emily will be with us for all our events as well as a writers' workshop AND will have copies of her scripts available for sale and signing.  What more could you want?

Emily's Writers' Workshop

(Pending  Approval)EDE22-Mel(NEW).png

Melanie Scrofano

Girl on Top?  Wynonna, herself?  C'Mon!  Are you STILL looking for another reason to join us?

Melanie will be joining us SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY, but she will still be doing all the photos and signings and crude things that only she can come up with.  You really don't want to miss it!


Lora Innes

We are delighted to be welcoming Wynonna Earp comic book artist, Lora Innes to Earp Division Expo. She will be undertaking a special commission for us which will be exclusively available to purchase at our event. We can't wait to see it!


Emy Taliana

Singer, songwriter, music producer; what can't Emy do? 

Not only will she be joining us for a one-night performance that you just can't miss, but she will be leading our morning mediation sessions!  

(Unfortunately, Dominique Provost-Chalkley will no longer be attending our event. 

As of April 2021, all Meet & Greet and Sunday Brunch tickets have been refunded. The Paint N Sip event will still be taking place with Kat Barrell and a second Wynonna Earp guest (TBC) and therefore these will not be refunded. For details on Dominique's photo ops, please see our FAQs)

All guests are booked with the assurance that they will appear however, unforeseen circumstances may mean guests have to cancel. Should a guest cancel, we will inform our attendees as soon as possible via social media and our website. As stated in our terms and conditions, Badges and day tickets are non-refundable and this remains the case if a guest cancels, as these tickets are not a guarantee of any particular advertised guest, just a guarantee for access to Earp Division Expo.