Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer Questions

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

The minium age to be a volunteer is 18.

Do we get VIP access?

No. Being a volunteer does not grant you VIP access.

Can I work anywhere as a volunteer?

We are going to send out a form asking for your desired area. You are not be guaranteed that spot as we will be placing volunteers in roles based on experience. You may be doing multiple jobs throughout the convention.

Will there be training?

Yes. There wil be an orientation the Thursday before the event. We will go over which jobs you will be performing for the weekend and answering any questions you may have.

What is Earp Division Expo looking for in its volunteers?

Please know that as a volunteer for Earp Division Expo, you are also a representative. You will be expected to adhere to the highest levels of professionalism. You must be friendly, respectful, have the ability to be calm and clear-headed in a stressful situation and you MUST be able to work without having to be micro-managed.

If I am scheduled to work while there is a panel that I want to see or photo op that I want to do, what do I do?

If you are chosen to be a volunteer, we will do our best to schedule you around the panels, etc. that you would like to do but we cannot guarantee it. A follow-up questionnaire will be sent out once you have been accepted as a volunteer

Can I attend the Special Events with my volunteer pass?

No. You will need to purchase a tickets for these events.

Do I need to purchase a convention day ticket or badge to volunteer?

No. You will have access to the convention to perform your volunteering duties with your volunteer pass. See question below for further information.

What do I get in return for volunteering?

Volunteering 4 hours on one day entitles you to admission into convention free of charge for the remainder of the day. Volunteering for 8 hours in one day will get you admission into the convention on another day, free of charge.

How do I know if I'm right for the job?

On our Volunteers page you will find a list of roles we hope to fill with volunteers. If you are chosen as a volunteer, you will receive a volunteer handbook with everything you need to know. You may also email our volunteer coordinator at any point at:

General Questions

How old do I have to be to attend?

All ages are permitted. Children under the age of 11 get in for free with a Junior Earper ticket. Must be accompanied by someone 18 years or older that has a general admission ticket

Can I bring in outside food or drinks?

Yes! You can bring in your own food and any non-alcoholic beverages

I can't make it, can I have my ticket transferred to someone else?

If you cannot attend and would like to give you ticket to someone else, you must contact us first (via Twitter DM preferable) and let us know so we can make the necessary adjustments If you are selling your ticket, this usually has to be done via private money transfer which we take no responsibility for. Sometimes it is possible to do a 'ticket transfer' via our system and we will advise you of this. Read our full T&C for information on tickets

Can I get a refund?

No, as per our terms and conditions refunds are not available on any day ticket, badge or special event ticket. You can transfer a ticket or badge to another purchaser but you must inform us so we can make the necessary adjustments.

Can we dress up in cosplay?

Yes! We would love to see what creative cosplay's you have. Why not join in with our talent contest too? Just be aware that there are restrictions on cosplay outfits and props. Please read our T&C section on ' Cosplay, props and dress code' for more information

Can I pay with card at the convention?

It depends on what you buy. Autographs will be cash only at autograph tables. However there will be card readers at the convention

How do I receive my badge?

All badges and single day tickets must be picked up at the registration table.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed. However, service animals are allowed. Please view our accessibility page for more information.

Where are your terms and conditions?

You can read our full set of terms and conditions here: T&Cs

How can I speak to one of the organizers?

The quickest and easiest way to get hold of one of us is to send us a Direct Message on Twitter (@earpdivisionxpo). You can also message us on Instagram or Facebook. If you would prefer, you can e-mail us:

How can I get a photo-op with a cast member?

We are delighted to say that will be working with Wolf Studio Photography for our photo ops. You can purchase tickets for your photo-ops online (via the Wolf Studio Photography link) or at the event, but we advise that you do so ahead of time. Cash will be the only accepted form of payment at the event. Read the full information on our Photo Ops and Autos page

I want to plan my weekend, can we see the schedule of events?

The schedule for the convention weekend takes a huge amount of work and this will be ready early in the new year (2022). We will work hard to make sure events do not overlap or clash and where this occurs, we will endeavour to resolve these issues. Please note: The Sunday Brunches will all be taking place at the same time on Sunday 12th June 2022. The cast Meet & Greets will be taking place at throughout the weekend. The Cocktail Hour is on Saturday 11th June 2022. The Paint N Sip will take place on Saturday 11th June 2022.

Are all the same cast members attending you rescheduled 2022 event?

With the exception of Dominique Provost-Chalkley, as far as we are aware, all previously announced guests will be attending the rescheduled dates. However, we hope to re-confirm their attendance. Previously announced Wynonna Earp cast members: Dani Kind Greg Lawson Kat Barrell Kate Drummond Meghan Heffern Michael Eklund Natalie Krill Tamara Duarte Varun Saranga Zoie Palmer Plus, comic book artist, Lora Innes, and singer, Emy Taliana Dominque Provost-Chalkley is not longer attending Earp Division Expo 2022, as announced in Spring 2021.

What happens to my ticket if there is still a travel ban/restriction to the USA from my country?

A country specific travel ban is out of our control and does not stop our event from taking place, therefore we could not offer you a refund but we would continue to allow ticket holders to sell on their tickets to other Earpers. As per our T&Cs, you purchase Earp Division Expo tickets and badges on your own free will. Read more on our T&C page

What happens if COVID-19 is still an issue in 2022 and you have to reschedule again?

We are anticipating that the world will have returned to normal by June 2022 and we will be able to hold our event as planned.

Can we take our own photos?

We will allow 'point and shoot' cameras into the panel rooms but not DSLRs with changeable lenses. This means that photos taken on personal cell phones and cameras without flash is fine, but nothing more than this. All unauthorized filming, sound recording and photography, or the unauthorized transmitting of audio or visual material is prohibited at Earp Division Expo. Please have respect for the cast members and do not sound record, take photographs or film them while they are moving around the venue.
Read our T&Cs for full details

I have a photo-op included in my Badge, what does this mean?

Our Creator, Peacemaker and Angel Badges include a single photo-op (one cast member) as part of the package. To claim this, you will be emailed a link to our Google Form where you can enter your details and select your preferred cast member on a certain day. As part of the photo-op, you will get a free 8 x 10 print. (If you want digital/extra print, then you’ll have to purchase it as an extra). These Badges do not guarantee you a photo-op with a particular cast member as they are limited and can sell out.

I can't make it, can I have my ticket transferred to someone else?

If you cannot attend and would like to give you ticket to someone else, you must contact us first (via email: and let us know so we can make the necessary adjustments If you are selling your ticket, this usually has to be done via private money transfer which we take no responsibility for. Sometimes it is possible to do a 'ticket transfer' via our system and we will advise you of this. Read our full T&C for information on tickets

Dominque P-C Cancellation

Can I get a refund on my Dominique extras?

As Dominique Provost-Chalkley is no longer attending Earp Division Expo you will be issued a refund for the value of the ticket (less the processing fee) for her Meet and Greets and her Sunday Brunch. As of April 2021, all holders of Dominique M&G and Brunches have received their refunds. If you believe you have not received your refund, please email The Paint N Sip will still be going ahead with Kat Barrell and another Wynonna Earp guest (TBC), therefore, no refunds will be issued for these tickets.

Can I get a refund on my Dominique photo-ops?

This matter is dealt with by Wolf Studio Photography. They have advised the following options: 1. Swapping your photo op to another cast member 2. Refund on this photo op 3. Credit towards a photo op at any other show shot by Wolf Studio Photography Please note, all other photo ops remain non-refundable. Please contact Wolf Studio Photography to

Dominique isn't attending anymore, can I get a refund on my badge/day ticket?

No, as per our Terms and Conditions all badges and day tickets tickets are non-refundable. We are not offering refunds due to Dominique's cancellation. However, we are able to allow resales to other Earpers. To try and sell your day ticket/badge to other Earpers, please email: