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Earp Division Expo is the brain child of Shanna, our Event Director. She wanted to bring the wonderful world of Earper conventions to the West Coast for the first time and in early 2019. Earp Division Expo was born! 

Shanna brought Buffalo (Andrea) on board in April, who in turn found Emily. We have all been to Earp conventions before and have had the joy of getting to know so many of you, but if you want to know more about your EDE team then check out the links below:

Shanna-Event Director

Born and raised in Southern California. Her love for photography has turned into a full career Capturing anything from portraits to concerts and for a magazine. Also definitely loves all things basketball. If you see me around the convention, let's be friends, yea?

Andrea-Volunteer Coordinator

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Andrea teaches English in the inner city. When she's not watching too much TV, she uses her friends as guinea pigs to try out her Sicilian inspired meals


As the owner of marketing agency, Marketing Towers, Emily has used her industry knowledge to play a part in getting us out into the world. When she isn't editing the website and running Twitter, she is scouring the UK for strawberry Twizzlers.

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