All volunteers will receive a free pass for each day volunteering. You don't have to volunteer a full day but a minimum of 5 hours is required. We would love to have your help all day but we understand you too want to enjoy the convention.


  • You must complete at least 4 hours to receive a day pass and you will need to check in and out with your team lead for verification

  • Purchased tickets are non-refundable. It's advised that if you decide that you would like to volunteer, fill out the application before purchasing tickets. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will be chosen as a volunteer

  • Free day passes are for entry to the convention only and do not include any VIP perks or extra events. You must purchase a ticket for all other events. We will ask what your availability is so that you don't miss the event you purchased



If you feel you would like to be a volunteer, head over to the volunteer page to read through our FAQs and fill out the application form. Once selected you will receive a confirmation email with further information. 


Media Team

If you have any experience with the following fields listed below, please be sure to include this information on the application.





We need your help keeping everything running smoothly, making sure the lines don't get to crazy and that there are no safety violations.  We will need help in the following area

Line Management

As part of the customer service team, you will be dealing with a lot of people. We are looking for friendly, hard-working, out-going people.

Customer Service


This is truly important. We need a few people that don't mind helping direct attendees to where they need to go. This includes helping people with disabilities who might not be able to see or have mobility impairments. As well as ASL interpreters.

You will be needed from Thursday until late Sunday for help tape off ares, set up banners, signs, tables, etc and then to take them all back down at the end of the Expo.  You will also be responsible for general help and filling in where needed. 

Set Up/Take Down


You will be seated next to a guest during their autograph sessions.  You will be responsible for taking money and keeping records, as well as keeping attendees moving through.

You are responsible for ensure the safety and comfort of the guests and attendees.  You will be responsible for validating badges and checking bags and props to ensure that nothing unsafe is being brought onsite. You must be assertive and have experience in some aspect of security.  You will be asked to provide proof of past experience.