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2024 Event Details

We want to thank you all for joining us at EDE24! Here you will find all the latest information you might need to need to know as an EDE24 attendee. 

Check back for the latest updates.

Niagara Falls Convention Center

To give you an idea of what your weekend will look like, the image below is a layout of the Niagara Falls Convention Center for EDE23. You can see where the photo ops, autographs, special events and panels will take place, as well as places where you can relax and catch up with your fellow Earpers.

EDE2024 Schedule

Below you will find the latest version of our schedule for EDE2023. This is correct as of July 8th 2023 but is still subject to change. We hope that this schedule helps you to make plans for your weekend and enjoy the experience as much as possible!

Below we have a colour block version of the schedule (EDE23 schedule) and an accessible list view version of the schedule (EDE23 list view).

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